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University Of Alabama Fraternity Drug Testing Program Revealed, Is Complete Bullshit

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Last semester we reported on the University of Alabama’s heinous decision to hold mandatory drug tests for fraternity men. New details have emerged about the tests and their consequences. Among other things, fraternities are required to establish a five-man board of “health and safety.”

Drug tests will occur throughout the year at times and dates predetermined by the MPACT (Maximizing Potential through Academics Community & Treatment). No word on how much of a heads up each fraternity will get, but I’m guessing they’ll have around a solid day’s notice. For these tests, a select number of members from each fraternity will be selected at random. If one of them fails, then the whole chapter gets tested. There will also be a “baseline” test at the beginning of the school year for every single member.


• “The particulars of testing (location, date and times) will be prearranged by the MPACT program. Testing may be by hair and/or urine samples following MPACT procedures and chain of custody protocols.”

• “Among others, MPACT may test for the following substances: Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Heroin, Benzos (Xanax, etc.), Opiates (Hydrocodone, etc.), Amphetamines (Adderall, etc.), Buprenorphine (Suboxone), MDMA, PCP, alcohol, and others.”

• Participating organizations must establish a five-member “health and safety board” that receives information about failed drug tests and other infractions from the MPACT program and determines how the group will discipline its members. The university also has the ability to discipline group members who do not live up to the requirements of the drug screening program.

• A “baseline test” is carried out at the beginning of the school year, during which all members of participating organizations must pass an initial drug test.

• Following the baseline test, five percent of every participating organization’s members must submit to an MPACT program-administered drug test each week throughout the school year.

• The specific members to be tested each week are selected at random by the program. Failing or missing a test initiates a set of protocols that determines the penalties for the infraction.

• “Failure to show up for a test when called will result in the absent Group member’s indefinite suspension from the Group. The make-up test will be a hair test and must be passed in order to be considered for reinstatement into the group.”

• Missed or failed drug tests are reported to the organization’s health and safety board, which also has the power to order a group to member submit to a non-random drug screening “if a significant health and/or safety concern arises related to that member’s substance use or abuse.”

• “Student and parental notification will occur with each positive test result generated, whether that result is generated by an actual test or the failure to take a test.”

• Students who fail a random drug screening must submit to weekly drug tests, and MPACT will “make recommendations for educational or treatment programming to the individual member.”

• “If 75% or greater of any weekly random sample fail the drug test, a whole house test will be triggered immediately.”

Read the full set of rules and regulations here:

MPACT Documents

Not only is it beyond unfair to target only fraternity men, but the new rules won’t even put a dent in reducing the harm caused by drugs. What’s really hurting kids is the combination of alcohol and Xanax, both of which are out of the body and undetectable by a drug test within a day. All this will do is get entire chapters shut down because one brother took a hit from a joint a month prior.

I’d say every fraternity on the UA campus should say fuck it and go underground. But their Greek system is so old and rooted in ties to both alumni and the university that affording the huge mansions and budgets they live under now would be impossible. That’s why the university is able to get away with such a ridiculous scheme.

It will be interesting to see how many fraternities can survive under these absurd regulations. Congrats, UA. You may have single-handedly killed the biggest and baddest Greek system in the country.


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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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