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University of Evansville IFC Will Fine You If You Submit Something To Fail Friday

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A tipster sent this to me this morning and it might be some of the most ridiculous news I’ve heard all week, if it’s true. If it is true, then holy shit this is stupid. Apparently, the Inter-fraternity Council at the University of Evansville, if they can prove it, will fine a chapter if they can prove a member is guilty of submitting a video, post, or picture to Fail Friday on Total Frat Move.


That’s a first. Is this really necessary? Is it really that big of a deal, Evansville IFC? I mean, hypothetically speaking, if two fraternity brothers throw on some bicycle shorts, bump junk for photo, and then share that photo, aren’t they already putting the fail out there on their own? Who cares if someone passes it along? If they tweet it or post it (and their account isn’t private), there is an option to share it with the world. Actually, here’s a better point, and really the only valid point that needs to be made: This is a giant overreach by Evansville’s IFC. If IFC fined me for this, I’d send them an IOU on a piece of looseleaf, signed, “Eda Dick.” The fines are held against an entire fraternity, even though the actions are by individuals. Meanwhile, this IFC probably doesn’t fine an entire fraternity for something much worse, like a member getting a DUI (unless that DUI is directly related to the fraternity), so doing it for something as harmless as a Fail Friday picture is ridiculous. And oh by the way, punishing a fraternity for a member getting a DUI would be outrageous, too.

According to the tipster, the former IFC president, who was an SAE, was a little sensitive to Fail Friday specifically because his chapter had been frequently featured.


Just to give you a little back drop of these guys and our campus. It’s a small school, initiation classes rarely getting above 20 for the three biggest fraternities, (SAE, SigEp, and Lambda Chi). In 2010-2011 SAE won the award for national SAE of the year, they then followed it up by initiating a single digit number of pledges, after that to make up they bid everyone they could ending up with guys like the ones in these photos. To battle all of the Fail Fridays they were in, the IFC president at the time (who was an SAE) made it a fine to any chapter who’s members could be proven guilty of posting. Needless to say, the SigEps and Lambda Chis thought it would be funny to post as many pictures as possible. Enjoy.

Again, if this is true, that IFC president is a huge fucking loser. Here are some of the pictures.

srat squat



Now, I don’t want to come off as a hypocrite here. The other day in a news story, I did, in fact, say that I enjoyed fraternity members abusing their power and acting corrupt when holding campus leadership positions that are ultimately pretty meaningless. It amuses me — what can I say? Still, this is just so fucking lame. Get some thicker skin, former IFC president.

Also, what if someone from your chapter sends in a picture to TFM in all seriousness thinking it’s badass, and then we put it on Fail Friday because it’s actually lame as shit? Say you and twenty of your brothers all do shotguns around a dragon painted with the American flag, rocking cargos and generally looking like a collection of future van owners? I mean, you should probably fine your own chapter, right? There are a dozen different ways this rule is stupid.

I will grant that perpetually appearing on Fail Friday would be annoying. It seems like this person’s chapter was purposely targeted by a number of people, but judging by ponytail guy, it doesn’t seem unwarranted. Regardless, nobody needs to see a picture of ponytail guy every week, either. We get it, he has a ponytail, it’s NF. Let’s laugh and move on, because there’s a guy taking a shit off a jungle gym now. When I sort through pictures, I can tell when someone is obnoxiously targeting a fraternity, and frankly it’s weird and sad. The other day there were like eight submissions in a row from the same person, all singling out some poor Delta Chi chapter. Granted, a lot of the pictures were fail worthy, so of course I passed them on to the intern. However, it was obvious this guy had been going through God knows how many pictures of some other guy’s Facebook account, saving the ones he thought were lame to his computer, and sending them to us. While we appreciate the material, that is creepy as shit, and you’re sort of a loser for that kind of trolling dedication.

In the end though, it’s the IFC that deserves all the scorn here. Get over yourselves. Sorry you get put on Fail Friday, but you have no right to fine other chapters over it, especially since you can’t prove the entire chapter, let alone the majority, was complicit with one person’s actions. This rule is all kinds of stupid. Like I said, toughen up. People are going to give you shit in life, and a fleeting post on the internet isn’t worth wasting everyone’s time and money over. Plus, there’s a guy SHITTING OFF A JUNGLE GYM! No one’s paying attention to anything else anyway.


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