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University Of Utah Student Pays Tuition With $1 Bills

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Man, this Utah Ute must’ve really had enough of frequenting the Mormon strip clubs in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.

Per the Salt Lake City Tribune:

University of Utah student Luq Mughal paid his tuition bill Tuesday with 2,000 single dollar bills as a protest against rising tuition rates.

Mughal said he spends his weekends working to pay for college — after a week of 12-hour days studying electrical engineering. Even though the 21-year-old gets a discount because his father is a member of the faculty, the cost of tuition plus fees, books and living expenses is crushing.

“By no means am I the saddest story on campus. There’s a lot of people here just as bad and probably worse,” he said. “The people making the prices are not actually aware of how hard it is on the students.”

He’s hoping to send a message with the cash, which he collected from several banks, and that more students join him next year.

Not a bad form of protest if you ask me. But let’s be honest, with a name like that, I would’ve at least taken some of the cash to the casino and tried to double it up before blowing it all on tuition. The odds have to be at least marginally in your favor.

Apparently, Luq’s protest is somewhat warranted, as in-state tuition at the U of U has more than doubled in the past 10 years trailing, to just over $6,500 per semester. Cost of living was the primary reason the institution’s trustees approved another 5% raise for in-staters this year, justifying it by the fact that “the school has frequently been ranked as a good value for the money.”

Like a true boss, Mughal showed up to the bursar on the last day of the payment deadline with his singles organized and bank hallmarked in a metal briefcase that looked fit for a mafia drug-related transaction.

Pay on, playa.

[via The Salt Lake City Tribune]

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