Unquestionable Ranking Of The 10 Best Party Schools In The Nation

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10 Best Party Schools In The Nation

It’s time to rank the best party schools in the nation, because just talking about academics would be petty. By now, you should be well versed on which schools house the hottest women, which schools dominate Greek life, and which schools are the place to be on Saturdays during football season.

But what about the most quintessential piece of the college experience? Without partying, there is no fun — just a bunch of learning. Sure, you could stick to the books for four to seven years, never develop any social skills and become an extremely lonely and awkward doctor, or you could be a real human being and party your dick off for five or six years.

So what school rages harder than the rest? I’m here to settle the score. Spoiler alert: your school probably didn’t make the list (cough, A&M, cough).

Honorable Mention:Southern California, Texas State, Florida, Arkansas, University Of Texas, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Texas Tech University, Colorado State University

10. Tulane University


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You think I’m just going to leave out the school that sits in the heart of the biggest party city (sorry Vegas, you don’t count) in America? I’m not messing around when it comes to Tulane. You’re either getting fucked up on Bourbon or getting fucked by some test (followed by Bourbon). I would not hate going to Tulane at all solely for the partying 24/7. Academically, not a bad school. Athletically, pretty terrible. But partying? Tulane comes in with an A++.

Drugs, booze, and girls are flowing in the streets of New Orleans. Want a hand grenade? Go for it. Want an Irish breakfast? Do two of them shits. The only real rule in the Sin City of the South is that you drink to excess.

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