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UPenn Fraternity Member Sends Freshman Girls Weird Poem Inviting Them To Party, Feminists Plaster Flyers Around School

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OZ is an off-campus fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania which is not recognized by the school. OZ recently hosted something called “Wild Wednesday,” because they enjoy getting wild on Wednesdays, I guess. In an effort to get as many ladies as possible to come to the event, one member scripted a poem for all the freshman girls and sent it out via email.

It wasn’t well received.

The result of this? It was plastered all over campus thanks to a few feminists.

From BF News:

Amanda Silberling, a UPenn junior, and some of her friends saw the email and discussed how they believe it perpetuated rape culture and exemplified how women on campus are often treated.

Together, they decided to collectively take action by designing, printing, and distributing flyers around campus.
Silberling and her friends distributed approximately 600 flyers of the email with the phrase “this is what rape culture looks like” printed over it, across the Philadelphia campus Monday night. On Tuesday, the students plastered more flyers on campus, including on the school’s iconic “LOVE” sculpture.

Let’s address the first thing wrong with this whole story: the poem. When was the last time the use of poetry made the girls flock to any self-respecting man? This isn’t the 1800s. Even if poetry still was an effective form of picking up women, this one sucked. Telling girls to wear something tight and that you aren’t a fan of teases isn’t going to work. Gotta impress them in person by talking about your fish tank back home or whatever. Directness isn’t the way to go, especially in 2016. It’ll get you turned into public enemy number one in the eyes of people like Amanda. Learn how to talk to girls for the sake of society, you wizard of OZ.

The second thing wrong with this story: the perpetuation of rape culture. I hear that a lot; that fraternities perpetuate rape culture. I’ve never met a fraternity member who supported rape or its culture. This email didn’t say, “Yeah, come to our place, where we will get you drunk and then force ourselves upon you against your will.” It only said they want fun girls to come wearing something tight. Albeit, it was a terrible poem. There are girls out there who are not teases and enjoy wearing tight things, you guys.

But hey, you gotta be mad over something, right?

[via BF News]

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