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USC Basketball Players Beat Up Woman, Others In Bar Fight

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As if USC’s fall from college basketball grace couldn’t be excoriated more, they’ve found a way to top vacating wins, illegal recruiting, and meager play that saw the team finish last season with ten straight losses. Even after an embarrassing 14-17 record so far this year, things have just got worse for the Trojan faithful.

Purportedly, several USC players were involved in multiple bar brawls late Saturday night on the streets of Spokane, WA, following the 25-point trouncing they received at the hands of fellow Pac 12 opponents, Washington State.

From CBS Local LA:

The first fight of the night allegedly started at MarQuee Lounge earlier in the evening, according to local CBS affiliate KREM.

Several officers later responded to a second fight that started after closing time outside of The Wave bar.

“It was a large fight. Witnesses said it was probably 20 people,” Spokane Police Department spokeswoman Monique Cotton told KNX 1070. “Witnesses did report that they thought it was USC player involvement.”

Four people, including two women, were injured and sought treatment at a local hospital, according to KREM.

“We had a person knocked out cold, a female employee who suffered a broken nose and another employee with a broken jaw as well,” Noel Macapagal, an employee of The Wave, told the Seattle Times.

Spectators said at least two men involved in the fight were over 7 feet tall, weighed at least 200 pounds and claimed USC affiliation.

It outright baffles me that these guys just can’t comprehend that it’s inconceivable that they’d ever get away with this, drunk or not.

Hey morons, you guys are the only 7-foot tall patrons in the bar, and likely the only ones roaming the streets of Spokane. It’s pretty much impossible for any witness to be unable to identify you in a lineup.

On top of that, you make your affiliation to USC basketball known? Pure stupidity.

I understand you’re most likely sore losers just like any true competitors, and your season is unsalvageable and far from meeting any expectations that you may have had, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to take your alcohol-fueled frustrations of your lack of game out on some locals.

To boot, you’re literally definable giants, yet you lay your hands on a woman? I don’t give a shit if it’s self-defense or not. That’s crossing the line, dudes.

Not only should you be ashamed of your reprehensible lack of understanding social taboos, but you should certainly pay the consequences. Although I’m unsure if you’re IQs even lend themselves to learning, it’s clear you need to be taught a lesson.

Police claim the investigation is ongoing, but have yet to identify any suspects.

However, Trojan interim coach Bob Cantu stated that two players, James Blasczyk (7’2”) and Dewayne Dedmon (7’0”), were “suspended indefinitely from all team activities because of a violation of a team rules.” They are avoiding stating particulars, however.

In the interest of justice, it’d probably be advisable for Spokane PD to question these guys, since their suspension indubitably correlates with their guilt.

I sincerely hope that these two culpable for these dastardly deeds have a great time getting kicked off the team, because actions like this warrant that punishment to the fullest.

Not that it matters, because even without them on the court, it’s not like USC has a chance of making it past the first round of the Pac 12 tourney anyway, based on their deplorable play as of late.

Also, it’s probably a good idea for Blasczyk and Dedmon, a senior and junior respectively, to start preparing to field the character questions in their NBA draft interviews, as they will for sure prove a little awkward to answer now.

[via CBS Local LA]

Image via Exposay


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