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BRFratty is just a shitty TFM contributor who spends his days chasing yoga pants and pissing off the house director. He loves sports, mainly the ones that involve consuming obnoxious levels of alcohol before spectating. He also loves to golf but has a better chance at getting laid than breaking 100. Neither of which are likely to happen any time soon.

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Americans generically referring to getting plastered as just “drinking.” TFM.

total sorority move

Claiming that you “took one for the team” when, in reality, you’re the only one whose ass was on the line. TFM.

total sorority move

Slowly making your way onto every sorority’s “Do Not Invite”…

total sorority move

Proud of transgressions your chapter committed on the inside, “somewhat disappointed” on the outside. TFM.

total sorority move

Punishing the pledges for not knowing something you don’t know yourself. TFM.

total sorority move

Only eating prepackaged and canned foods because you used every…

total sorority move