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The 6 People You Need In Your Austin City Limits Group

Miscommunication is a motherfucker.

Subtext: What Guys’ and Girls’ Texts Actually Mean

Vines Of The Week

If you listen closely, you might even hear music.

FSU Pornstar Dances Seductively To Her Own Rap Song

Bud Light created a human sized, real life Pac Man game for some lucky bastard because their marketing department has more money than Saudi Arabia, and has begun to cater exclusively to the question, “What would be cool to do 8 beers deep?”

Bud Light Creates A Mindblowing, Real Life Pac Man Game Because They Can

Vines Of The Week

Vines Of The Week

He reads and scores TDs.

Star UGA Wide Receiver Joined A Book Club Full Of Older Women

Get ahold of yourself.

These Are The Umpires We Wish We Had As Kids

RIP to one of the greats.

Jimmy Fallon Gives An Amazing Tribute To Robin Williams