Utah State Student Hospitalized After Late Entry Into The Tide Pod Challenge

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Every day we stray further from God’s light. Just a handful of years ago if a news team covered a story warning us that there is a new fad of crazy kids eating laundry detergent they would likely be disregarded as a failing station trying to stir up hysteria to boost their ratings.

Nobody actually used to take part in these trends and frankly nobody really cared to hear about the “hidden dangers” involved. Fast forward to 2018 and jackasses across the country have been eating Tide Pods for weeks. And now, the mania seems to have finally reached the Beehive State as one Utah State student decided to get in on the hype late and give these tasty treats a try.

From The Huffington Post:

Local media captured video of the unidentified student being wheeled to an ambulance on a stretcher from a Logan campus dormitory. The hospital has not released the student’s condition.

Health officials have warned that ingesting laundry detergent can cause seizures, pulmonary edema, respiratory arrest, coma and even death. The warning follows an increase in teenagers requiring medical treatment after intentionally eating or exposing themselves to the toxins amid a so-called “Tide Pod Challenge” on social media.

Eric Warren, director of media relations at USU, confirmed the incident to Salt Lake City station Fox 13, but he added that the school does not know the reason why the student ingested the pod.

“For students and members of our university who are feeling overwhelmed, we have services available. There are people here to talk to you,” he said in a statement.

USU officials can try all they want to say that the student was “overwhelmed” but the truth is if you find yourself enrolled at a school in Logan, Utah, eating Tide pods is likely the only solace in your life. This kid was willing to risk it all to get in on something that the Internet is ready to leave far, far behind. Just have to respect that lack of awareness.

[via The Huffington Post]

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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