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Vagina Privilege Is Real

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There’s been a lot of talk about privilege in the age of trigger warnings, from white privilege to male privilege to hetero privilege. We’re not even going to get into what kind of privilege you have if you completely identify with your God-given sexual organs, but we are going to talk about a privilege that has slipped by us, until now. We’re going to talk about vagina privilege.

Vagina privilege is when a girl never has to buy her own drinks because the guys pursuing her are buying the drinks. Vagina privilege is when a girl just has to take a guy by the hand and walk out of the bar, taking him home without ever asking, because 99 percent of the time, the answer is yes. Guys want sex, and girls get to choose who they give it to. This is a privilege, and it’s time we recognize it.

Maggie Lam, a writer for the Daily Californian at Berkeley University, recently published a column where she recounts a night that she was about to hook up with, but was rejected by, her housemate Sam. He didn’t want to hurt the feelings of their other housemate, whom he’d regularly been meeting in pound town. After being denied by a housemate that was asleep at the time, Maggie was feeling pretty distraught for having to go another night without getting her freak on. That’s pretty understandable and things would’ve been just fine if she had checked her vagina privilege and moved on. Instead, she projected her privilege onto Sam, accusing him of fetishizing her race, and told the internet all about that night.

From the Daily Californian:

I didn’t waste my time trying to be nice anymore because I was aware of what I had become: the irrelevant Asian girl in a budding Scott Pilgrim-esque romance. From the countless times that I’ve been rejected for a white girl, I’ve been taught that my desirability was only a fleeting moment whereas a white girl was the one worth getting to know, the one worth bringing home to parents and the one worth being treated as a human. I was the sexual object, whereas my housemate was the one who had feelings worth considering.

Because of her privilege, Maggie felt entitled to having her penis fly trap fed that night, and continued pursuing his pussy plunger. When Sam expressed his hesitation saying, “I feel bad,” her reply was “I really don’t fucking care.” Thanks to the internet, she was sufficiently called out when a commenter by the username of ThatDude9393 put her story into a new perspective.

So let me get this straight. He was intoxicated. He was hesitant to keep hooking up with you, and when he told you why he wasn’t giving you enthusiastic consent you said, “I don’t fucking care.” He repeatedly stopped and voiced his lack of enthusiasm. You continued, blatantly disregarding his repeatedly voiced trepidation. Sounds like pretty textbook sexual assault to me.

Yikes. Make sure to check your privilege, kids. It can save you from criminal charges. The comments are filled with links to where people can report crimes, as well as the university policies Maggie violated. Hopefully, we can all learn from this blatant example of vagina privilege and better ourselves as a society.

[via Daily Californian]

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