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Vandals Cause $70,000 Worth Of Damage To University of Colorado SAE House, Sort Of

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When one hears that a building sustained $70,000 worth of damage one imagines some pretty drastic destruction. Maybe something was lit on fire. Maybe something exploded. Maybe something flooded. At the very least someone pulled off the most heinous “take a dump in a shoebox and leave it in the closet” of all time, right?

Apparently the vacant Sigma Alpha Epsilon house at the University of Colorado recently sustained that type of damage at the hands of multiple vandals.

Boulder police are looking for six male suspects who caused extensive damage to the former Sigma Alpha Epsilon house and are asking the public’s help in finding the vandals.

The break-in and vandalization of the former frat house located at 1101 University happened on Saturday night, Nov. 17 and police estimate that $70,000 worth of damage was done to the building…

That’s a whole lot of damage. Really, what did these vandals do? I’m curious. It must have been truly over the top. Did they sledgehammer all the door frames and staircases? Did they rip the wiring out of the walls and chisel racist words into all the concrete on the property? Did they take dumps in ALL the closets in the house? I mean, this has to be some pretty fucked up shit that they did. $70,000 worth of damage? That’s like causing a eight car pileup.

Surveillance cameras captured images of the six suspects throwing rocks and breaking windows while standing outside the currently vacant former frat house.

Once inside the house, the suspects kicked in a wall, set off a fire extinguisher and caused additional damage, according to the police report.

Okay, so, if I have this right, they broke some windows, kicked in a wall, set off a fire extinguisher, and caused “additional damage.”

By my calculations “additional damage” accounts for about $69,000 worth of that damage.

Maybe the article forgot to mention that the vandals only set off the fire extinguisher as a means of escape after starting an inferno inside the house that was fueled by several gallons of gasoline and their own closet dumps. I mean, it’s either that or apparently most fraternities across the country are causing $70,000 worth of damage to their houses at least twice a month.

Fortunately for SAE, security cameras caught these vandals and their unforgiving rampage of miscellaneous destruction on tape.

I’m assuming all the damage was just off screen…

Anyway, it could have been worse, someone could have been bear maced.


Images via Boulder PD


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