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VIDEO: Drunk College Students Don’t Know Basic American History

Like all of you, I love America. If you don’t, stop reading now. This article is only for people who love America.

Now that we have those freedom-hating communists out of here, let’s talk business. As I said before, I love America. I also love drinking. I love both so much that I often combine my love for the two into one convenient package. This was very evident this past weekend. As a matter of fact, I think that when I’m drinking for America, that’s when I drink the most.

No matter how much I drink, I don’t think I’d ever forget the important principles and basic knowledge about this country that all Americans learn in, oh, I don’t know, kindergarten.

Sadly, not everyone shares our love of America and our knowledge of her proud, illustrious history. When I say history, I mean the simplest of facts. In the video below, college students in Isla Vista, California displayed an embarrassing lack of knowledge, as well as a lack of respect, for the history of our nation.

Pretty funny, right? The guy who shouted “Back to Back World War Champs” was my favorite. I’ll admit I laughed, but honestly, it’s definitely more disappointing than it is humorous. The people in this video are college students. Theoretically, they’re smart individuals. Hell, one day, some of these people could be the corporate and political leaders of this great land. While I don’t care that they’re drunk, I do care that they don’t know this simple stuff.

Sure, some of the people in the video seem like they could be giving ridiculous answers to be funny, but the majority of the individuals truly seemed clueless. Hopefully, those who could not answer the questions actually do know the correct answers and were just too drunk to provide them. If not, that’s pretty damn pathetic.

[via Daily Caller]


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BlutarskyTFM (@BlutoTweets) is a contributing writer for Total Frat Move and Post Grad Problems, the self-appointed Senior Military Analyst for TFM News, founder of the #YesAllMenWhoWearHawaiianShirts Movement, and, on an unrelated note, a huge fan of buffets. While by no means an athletic man, he was the four-square champion of his elementary school back in the day. When not writing poorly organized columns or cracking stupid, inappropriate jokes on Twitter, Bluto pretends to be well-read, finds excuses not to exercise, and actually has a real job.

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