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VIDEO: Milo Yiannopoulos Visited DePaul University And All Hell Broke Loose

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Milo Yiannopoulos Visited DePaul University And All Hell Broke Loose

It’s no secret that provocative BreitBart personality Milo Yiannopoulos is a controversial figure. What might be a secret to some though is the fact that this man is a genius. I mean, how many times can you be told you’re not being respectful by protesters who seemingly have no respect for anything? It’s truly an anomaly.

That’s exactly what happened at DePaul University on Tuesday night. Yiannopoulos was visiting the Chicago-area campus as a part of his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.” The crowd appeared to be mostly white, college-aged men, many of them donning Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats. Then, about 20 minutes into his set, a group of protesters, who were predominately black, decided to break things up. The main ringleade/wannabe famous person comes from the back of the crowd blowing a whistle before getting on stage and chanting “Dump The Trump.” Sadly, no Trigglypuff this time around but definitely still worth the watch.

Go to the 45 minute mark.

Bahaha. Oh that’s rich. “Respect me!” the protesters say as they show zero respect for anyone.

Truly the best part of this is that the guy starts blowing his whistle after Yiannopoulos jokes about microaggressions. Not sure if he was protesting or just trying to show himself off as an example.

But wait, there’s more!

HeatStreet talked to the main protester, identified as student and church minister Edward Ward.

He told HeatStreet:

“This is not a point of shutting down free speech, it’s the point of shutting down hate speech” and promised to “continue to do so long as there’s anything that’s happening that threatens my safety”.

He added: “When I went, I was open to listen to what was being said, I was open to listen and try to understand.”

Whoa whoa whoa wait whoa wait whoa.

He’s threatening YOUR safety? The guy who is on stage sharing his viewpoints on topics, controversial as they might be, is the threatening one? Not the guy who bum rushed the stage, brought people to bum rush the stage with him, steals the microphone, refuses to let anyone that may oppose his ideas speak and more? Interesting. I’d love to see this play out with the roles reversed.

Oddly enough, this protest guy isn’t even the most infuriating part of this whole video — it’s the second protester who comes up to the stage. Aside from the “I don’t give a fuck” body language she displays from the get-go, she rather forcefully rips the microphone from the host’s hands and immediately gets on it and tells everyone to “be good.” Da fuq?! Then, she gets inches away from Milo’s face and starts screaming at him. Not just yelling, screaming.

Remember, these protesters are the people demanding respect.

There’s some good stuff later in the video too, like a fight almost breaking out, some more verbal hatred from the protesters, etc. Not surprisingly, the main protester chants “Feel The Bern” at one point. Trump canceled his March 11 rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago, located about four miles from DePaul, after protesters turned violent.

But come on, where would we be if there weren’t so many protesters to bravely stand up to hate speech?! We’d be far, far better off.

Dump Trump? Nah. I like him even more thanks to you.

[via HeatStreet]

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