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Vodka Made From Milk Is A Thing Now

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I’ve never really been a big vodka guy. For the majority of drinks I use it in, the cheap stuff out of a plastic bottle works just as fine as the top shelf choices do.

Regardless of its price or quality, most vodka is made from some form of grain or potatoes, although other fruits and vegetables can be used. Keeping that in mind, if someone told me they’d come across vodka made from a rutabaga or cucumber, I wouldn’t be too surprised. Unconventional? Sure. But it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination.

While I’ve heard of vodkas made from all sorts of vegetables, I’ve never heard of vodka being made from milk — until now.

Thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of dairy farmer Jason Barber, milk vodka is now a thing. Inspired by what I can only imagine was an urge to make more money from his cows’ milk and to get a buzz doing it, Barber created a process to turn milk into booze, although it’s certainly not ordinary.

From Thrillist:

The beverage is made from a pretty strenuous process, as one would expect the method for turning cow’s milk into vodka would be: First, the milk is separated into curds and whey, with the curds being used to make cheese while the whey is converted into a special milk-beer. Then — and here’s the mystique belying cow milk vodka — the milk-beer is put through a secret distillation process that produces the translucent wonder drink.

Seems pretty weird to me, not to mention expensive. I can only guess as to the cost difference, but I have a feeling that all those steps are way more pricey than the normal way of turning grain into grain alcohol.

Apparently, this stuff’s not bad. Barber’s brand, called Black Cow Vodka, took home a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards and has gotten good reviews from critics and those in the know. Still, it’s vodka. Doesn’t it all pretty much taste the same?

As weird as this milk vodka is, I’d give it a shot if the opportunity arose. Hell, it’s made from milk. It’s got to be healthy.

[via Thrillist]

Image via Instagram/ @blackcowvodka

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