Was This Delaware College Student Justified In Going For The Ball Grab During A Fight With His Roommate?

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ball grab

Unless you are literally in a fight for your life, there are certain gentlemen’s rules to abide by when engaging in an old-fashioned donnybrook such as no weapons, no hitting women, and no dick or ball shots.

Of course, when it comes to the latter rule, there’s room for some exceptions aside from the obvious in-a-fight-for-your-life scenario, and whether or not this York College student was justified in going below the belt during a fight with his roommate is up for debate. Because while the assault charge is simple, the backstory is not.

From Fox 43:

A York College student is facing a simple assault charge after police say he grabbed his roommate by the testicles during an early Sunday morning argument.

Ryan Leander Merritt, 20, of Newark, Delaware, was charged after the incident, which occurred at 3:10 a.m. at an apartment on the 800 block of Country Club Road. According to Spring Garden Township police, Merritt and his roommate, Luke Richard Genetti, got into an altercation after Genetti texted Merritt’s girlfriend and told her Merritt had brought another woman to the apartment.

Merritt was allegedly upset that Genetti contacted his girlfriend. Police say he went to Genetti’s bedroom and knocked on the door, but Genetti refused to allow him to enter and attempted to close the door on him.

The confrontation turned physical, police say. Genetti told police that Merritt punched him, scratched him, and grabbed him by the testicles, which immobilized him. He then placed Genetti in a chokehold and bit him in the arm, according to police.

This Genetti guy probably should have known he had an ass beating coming to him. Going out of your way to stir up drama between a guy and his girlfriend — regardless of the validity of the claim — is not the move. Especially when it’s a few days away from Valentine’s Day. Unless the dude’s like a cannibal or a serial killer or something like that; then definitely stir that drama right up.

But that still leaves the lingering question: was the ball grab fair game? It all depends on the extent of the ball grab. Did the ball grab employ a technique akin to juicing an orange? In that case, probably uncalled for. Was it just like a, “Hey buddy, you just stay put now” type deal? Considering the surrounding circumstances, I’d probably let that slide. Did Ryan follow up the ball grab with, “It’s just a prank, bro!” Was it just for laughs? Everyone loves a good laugh.

We do know that the ball grab in this case was one of the immobilizing variety, but aren’t all ball grabs? I’ve never been grabbed by the balls and felt in tip-top mobile condition, if you catch my drift. The moral of the story being, never judge a ball grab by its cover. And also, never try solving a conflict on a Sunday at three in the morning. Sunday Scaries times a billion.

[via Fox 43]

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