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Watch A Bunch Of Dumb Canadian Busses, Cars, And Police Cruisers Crash Into Each Other In The Snow, Prove Canada’s Inferiority

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“Prove Canada’s inferiority” might sound like a stretch but, hear me out. Look at how pathetic these pile ups are. Most of those are vehicles owned by some level of Canadian government. For God’s sake one of them is a snow plow. All of those drivers, presumably, are Canadian. Unless every single one of these drivers is 16, and drunk, and texting, and also all of their tires are basically bald, I’m not sure how this happens to Canadians in Canada.

True story: it snows it Canada. A lot. How the shit is this random cross section of Canadian civilians and civil servants so hopelessly unprepared for snow? In December. IN FUCKING CANADA.

If it snowed here in Austin this is exactly what I’d expect to happen. And I’d be out on a balcony watching and laughing. Then, somehow, a car would fall out of the sky and kill me. Because Austin and Texas drivers are ass on a normal day, and impressively homicidal in adverse weather.

But Jesus Canada, you’ve got to be better than this.

If Russia and/or China ever decided to invade North America, this video would provide pretty solid justification of which country, between Mexico and Canada, would serve as a better staging point for their own Operation Torch of sorts.

“Let’s see, we can land in the country full of heavily armed, ruthlessly murderous drug lords, not to mention the military and police forces that have been seasoned fighting them… OR we can drop in on a country full of overly polite people where it snows like 8 months out of the year but apparently no one knows how to travel in it. And a healthy portion of the country is basically French. HAHAHAHA this is toughie ohhhh man okay let’s send the bombers toward Ottawa. Shit this is gonna be easy.”

But hey, on the bright side, if any of these Canadians were hurt in these crashes at least they’ll get to wait a really long time to see a doctor for free.

[via Twitter]

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