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Watch Bieber Nearly Stab A Guy In The Heart With Broken Hockey Stick After Dirty Play

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Everybody knows Biebs is a stone cold killer, so it’s no surprise that, after someone comes after him in a pickup game and snaps his hockey stick in two, he tries to use it to stab the guy’s heart in front of everyone in hopes that he bleeds out on the ice.

From TMZ Sports:

The Biebs got in on a beer league pickup game at the Toyota Sports Center — where the L.A. Kings practice — and damn near came to blows after a dirty play.

Watch — as #23 (Biebs) comes in for a shot, a defender comes down hard with his own stick and snaps Justin’s in 2. Safe to say Justin didn’t take kindly to that.

It definitely feels like a face-off.

And here’s the bone-chilling video:

I have a couple takes here. On one hand, if you get a chance to come for Bieber’s neck in a pickup hockey game, you sort of have to take it, don’t you? We’re talking international superstar. Be a headline. Do it for the story. Take your shot.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Worst case is they respond with aggression and you get your 15 minutes of fame as news spreads.

On the other hand, this kid had everything to lose here because Biebs is a known savage. And by everything, I’m talking about his life. If other people weren’t there to get in between he and Biebs, and if the camera wasn’t rolling, no doubt he’s a dead man. Biebs is putting the broken end of that stick through his heart and smearing the blood on his face, because he’s a stone cold assassin.

[via TMZ Sports]

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