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WATCH: Charles Barkley Plays Beer Pong On TV, Is Terrible At It

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You would think NBA players of all people would be great at beer pong. It’s like a mini-free throw, after all. But when you’re an admirably raging alcoholic like Barkley, you don’t focus so much on winning the game as you do on “WHY AM I JUST NOT DRINKING THIS BEER IN FRONT OF ME!?!” Fair point, Sir Charles. Clearly Michael Jordan and Jalen Rose are the guys you want to play beer pong with, and Barkley is more like the guy you kill a fifth of courvoisier and pick up hookers with.

The hosts of some awful cable news talk show on HLN decided it would be fun to play beer pong with Barkley, and, really, it wasn’t. Barkley’s first two shots were nothing short of embarrassing. Meanwhile, the guy host who kept shouting commentary from off camera should probably get hit by a bus in a way that the impact also makes him fall off a bridge. Jesus, he’s bad. The female host who plays with Barkley, though, is both hot and able to sink a shot, which are (in order) the two most important qualities one looks for in a beer pong partner. The best part was Barkley’s confusion about why he had to accomplish something in order to be given alcohol. They should have just let him get drunk instead. That’s why Inside the NBA is the best sports show on TV, after all.

[via YouTube]


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