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Watch ESPN’s Touching Feature On Infamous Bama Fan Phyllis From Mulga

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If you’re an SEC fan, you know the voice of Phyllis Perkins.

Phyllis from Mulga is the loud, obnoxious Alabama fan, whose shouts of “Roll Tide!” and “Kiss my butt!” are infamous on radio airwaves in the southeast. People love her. People hate her. People don’t really know what to think of her.

A lot of people, myself included, didn’t know anything about her personally — excluding her passionate obsession with Crimson Tide football. ESPN did a heartwarming feature on her tragic personal story this week, and I thought it was worth sharing here:


The SEC Network produced a feature on Phyllis Perkins and her husband’s fight against terminal cancer, focusing on her unique personality and one-of-a-kind support for her beloved Crimson Tide.’s Carol Robinson detailed the effort among Finebaum callers to help Phyllis raise money for medical costs.

Johnny from Cullman, Rich from Atlanta and many others teamed up to launched a GoFundMe site to help raise money for those various medical costs. “It has renewed my faith in humanity. I can’t believe that many people care about me,” Phyllis told “It has touched me more than anything in this world.”

Phyllis recently called into Finebaum’s show to express her gratitude, delivering one of her and the show’s all-time greatest calls. Listen to the full call, some of which is featured in the new piece.

“A crack to your head, a knee to your groin,” Finebaum says in the ESPN piece to describe Phyllis’ fiery personality on his show before explaining the longtime caller’s true nature after getting to know the woman on a new level. “Phyllis from Mulga is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered…She’s a hero.”

You gotta love this. We are all crazy about sports — at least, most of us are. If you’re not, you probably suck and aren’t fun to be around. Phyllis embodies the sports fan in all of us — even though she takes it to new extremes. She’s fun to listen to and fun to laugh at, but her story is heartbreaking.

Kudos to Finebaum and the producers on his show for creating this feature. It offers a new perspective on college football’s loudest Alabama fan.


Image via YouTube

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