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WATCH: West Virginia Fraternities Brawl In The Street

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No matter the letter, we’re all Greek togeth–WHO’D YOU CALL A PUSSY MOTHERFUCKER?!

Fraternity brawls happen. The rivalries are intense, the competitions fierce, and the alcohol excessively consumed. If you were, say, an idiot, you could watch the videos below and immediately jump to the conclusion, “Frat guys are drunk, retarded, meathead  douchebags, AND THIS IS WHY THERE SHOULD BE NO FRATS MY ANIME CLUB NEVER GOT IN FIGHTS!” The truth is, fraternities are just the organizations that routinely get put into these kinds of situations. If you forced any two college organizations to live next to each other while they constantly competed socially, philanthropically, athletically, academically, in recruiting, and so on, while drinking like normal college students do–or more, like fraternities do–then in all likelihood, tensions would eventually come to a head. That’s what GDIs forget about fraternities: we aren’t a group of people naturally inclined to be brawling assholes, nor do we even fight all the time. That’s why fraternity fights like this are big news on campuses. If they weren’t rare, they wouldn’t be big news. What fuels these fights is the constant competition–and it truly is constant. Do we need to chill out? Sure. But the point is, this isn’t a natural inclination. It’s a product of proximity and rivalry.

Replace “fraternities” with “LARP factions” and “heated intramural softball game that ended on a blown call in the bottom of the ninth” with “epic battle that ended with a controversial spell being cast” and then make those two groups drink and stare at each other all night after the fact. There’s a good chance something bad is going to happen. Salty and drunk + smug and drunk = FUCK YOU, BRO. If anything, all these videos prove is that Greek towns across the country need to institute their own Purge, where they can let the tension out and just compete all at once. “Frat Purge” is a film I decided to start writing as of right now.

But enough about why fights amongst fraternities aren’t as big of a deal as people make them out to be. Let’s get to what you all came here for: FRATERNITIES FIGHTING. The videos below were posted to Instagram by a West Virginia freshman who witnessed the fight. It’s clear from the video that the fight takes place in front of the Sigma Chi house. According to Google Maps, the next closest fraternity house, and the one toward which several of the guys are retreating, is TKE, so it stands to reason they were the other participant, though that can’t be confirmed. Other than that, all I know for sure is that Morgantown experienced some warm weather the other day. This led to a whole lot of day drinking at the former number one party school in the country, which, in turn, led to what you’ll see below.

From the clips, the brawl looks like it got pretty intense, but it was also short-lived. Pretty standard. You could see people throwing a few drinks, which were possibly bottles. There wasn’t much one-on-one fighting–mostly a few poor bastards getting caught by six or seven dudes from a rival house and taking a beating. SO hard, guys.

There was also the guy in the yellow shirt from the first video throwing some hilariously girly windmill punches. I’m not going to sit here and act like I walk around kicking a whole lot of ass, but you might want to work on your right hook there, bud. Right now, it looks more like a shitty tennis serve.

Get it together, West Virginia.


A tipster emailed TFM claiming that the fight was between Sigma Chi, TKE, AND Pike, who is also located nearby. Also, in what amounts to a massive oversight on my part, I forgot to note that during the fight Drake’s “Worst Behavior” is playing in the background. A fitting title for a fight and a fitting rapper for this particular fight.

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