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Watching Bret Bielema Attempting To Swing A Golf Club Is More Enjoyable Than Watching Arkansas Football

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Brett Bielema

Arkansas football coach and total idiot Bret Bielema is good at a lot of things on the football field, but there are a few things he probably doesn’t have a future in. Swimsuit modeling? Can probably rule that one out. Politician? He’s got a mouth like Trump with the popularity of an SEC women’s basketball preseason analysis show, so I doubt he can pull that one off, either.

But I’m fairly confident he has a better shot at being either of those things before he earns an invite to a PGA event. I mean, look at this abortion of a golf swing. It’s atrocious.

His golf swing is about as graceful as a hyper-anxious mule with a bucket stuck on its head running through gunfire in war-torn Syria. And look at those damn sandals he’s wearing. It’s golf, Bret. Have some respect.

I can’t stop laughing at this video. It’s like he is trying to move as fast as he can in an attempt to cover up how awful his swing looks. And that posture, holy shit. I know golf is an enjoyable game for even mediocre players, but you’ve got to assume he’s just not having a good time out there. I mean, drinking can only compensate for so much.

I have a six-year-old niece. She has played tee ball for one season and has zero interest in sports — except for a set of toy golf clubs she likes to swing around the house. I have a feeling that if I put a real golf club in her hand and made her go 1 v. 1 with Bret Bielema at Augusta, she’d have a fighting chance to beat him by at least 2.5 strokes.

College football can’t get here soon enough. If for no other reason than to get Bielema off the golf course.

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