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We Discovered A New Way To Get You Even More Pictures Of Boobs, Because America

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Starting yesterday, Wednesday (December 10), we’ll be blasting out exclusive content on Cyber Dust that we can’t post anywhere else. There will be boobs. Lots and lots of boobs.

As you probably know, Cyber Dust is an app where you can send messages and pictures that disappear and never hit a hard drive anywhere, so you can send whatever you want to whoever you want without getting kicked off campus, or out of school, or screamed at by your girlfriend who doesn’t understand that sending a dick pic doesn’t constitute cheating if there’s never any followup.

For the same reason you don’t want certain people seeing certain messages, we’ll be blasting out some of our racier content that’s too damn sexy for the site or Twitter or Facebook exclusively on Cyber Dust. For starters, Rush Boobs will now be sent directly to you as a private link through the app, and that private link will be the only way you can access the gallery. Apparently some advertisers don’t like boobs, but we love boobs, and we know you love boobs, so we’re going to blast boobs out to you on Cyber Dust every single week. Obviously, this means you need to download Cyber Dust and add +TotalFratMove in order to receive Rush Boobs every week, along with other awesome shit that we can’t post, like this picture of Bacon playing beer pong with a questionable stripper.


Download Cyber Dust and Add +TotalFratMove

Keep in mind, when we send that pic out on Cyber Dust, there’s a chance that shit will be sailboat free. If questionable stripper nipples don’t send you scrambling to add us on there, then I don’t know what will. Prepare your mind, because we’re going to make it rain titties.

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