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Week 3 College Football Power Ranking

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My Power Rankings are based on the quality of the team at that snapshot in time. Records are taken into account, but they’re not the end-all. Simply put, it’s a ranking of “How good is this team right now?”

Let’s get to it. Here’s your Week 3 College Football Power Ranking:

1. Alabama

2. USC

3. LSU

4. Oregon

5. Florida State

6. West Virginia

7. Georgia

8. Kansas State

9. Ohio State

10. Michigan State

11. Oklahoma

12. Clemson

13. Texas

14. South Carolina

15. TCU

16. Virginia Tech

17. Florida

18. Stanford

19. UCLA

20. Tennessee

21. Arkansas

22. Notre Dame

23. Baylor

24. Louisville

25. Mississippi State


– I’m higher on West Virginia than most. Geno Smith looks like a poor man’s Cam Newton. Their defense doesn’t look top 10 quality, but they’ll outscore nearly anyone.

– Alabama looks to have an NFL caliber defense if you squint a little bit. Very impressive. Adequate offense.

– As long as The K-State Mask keeps making knee-slappers like this, I’m on board with the Wildcats. It also doesn’t hurt that they just pistol-whipped Miami by 39. They’re just behind WVU in the Big 12.

– Still not sold on OU. They looked much sharper in Week 2, but UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) had them on the ropes going into the 4th quarter in Week 1. That front 7 on D has more holes than a fraternity house dance floor room.

– I can’t wait to watch USC-Oregon. Playmakers all over the damn place.

– Nice win, South Carolina, but I haven’t forgotten about Week 1.

– Oklahoma State wins 84-0 in Week 1, then loses 59-38 in the second week to Arizona?

– We still don’t know how good FSU is. They haven’t played a team with a pulse yet. Scary looking defense, though.

– You’re better than that, Nebraska.

– The SEC is definitely the premier conference, but the west is pulling all the weight. Outside of Georgia, I am not impressed with the east. Impressive pull-away win on the road by the Dawgs, though.

– Take a walk, Michigan. And I like Michigan.

– Just one cakewalk game into the season, this Rocketman entrance is the coolest shit to come out of Fort Worth.

– Until Texas can complete passes down the field, that offense will see a lot of stacked boxes. Still a lot to prove.

– I’m giving Arkansas a little bit of a break here. They’re a better team than what they showed Saturday night, and they had the Wilson injury. I think they were just caught sleeping.

– Very scary scene at the Tulsa-Tulane game. Devon Walker of Tulane sustained a catastrophic back injury and had to actually be revived on the field by EMS after reports said he momentarily stopped breathing. The good news is his surgery was successful and he’s now stable. The potential bad news is doctors do not yet know if he’s paralyzed. Kid’s quite the scholar, too. Real shame.

– Shitty slate of games this weekend.

Week 3 Game of the Week: Texas @ Ole Miss or Florida @ Tennessee

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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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