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This Fight Video Is Allegedly The Western Kentucky Football Team Rolling Up On The Pike House

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There’s nothing quite like an outside frat house fight. Usually, that involves some drunken yelling across the street, telling your rival fraternity’s homecoming float is dogshit, spilling out into the front lawn and then throwing some ill-advised haymakers. In the case of Western Kentucky’s football team and their brawl against Pike, though? That supposedly means bringing guns and box cutters to a fist fight (allegedly).

From TMZ:

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, an alumni member of the Pike house was initially called to the scene by a current member who told him “several football players were outside” looking to fight.

The alum says he confronted the men to get them to leave — but instead, one of the guys tackled him into a fence and began beating him. A Pike member says he tried to break things up and was also attacked. The alum says he went to the E.R. for his injuries.

Cops were then called … and tracked down one of the football players who admitted he and his teammates went to the Pike house to retaliate after someone got jumped at a Pike party the night before.

Cops say one of the victims claims several of the suspects were carrying guns. At least one suspect allegedly had a box cutter knife.

Oh, video you want? Yep. There’s video too. Pay close attention to that form tackle that starts about seven seconds in.

Sweet three-on-one, dudes.

That tackle is absolutely a linebacker tracking down a running back. Only problem is there’s no blockers, this fraternity member didn’t have a football and HOLY SHIT that could have gone way worse if he tackled him over what looks like a five- to ten-foot drop off. That would’ve, at minimum, shattered his back into a million pieces.

We don’t know much about the player that was allegedly jumped the night before, but I think we can agree this response seems a tad aggressive. Plus, if he got jumped at a Pike party by Pikes, then was he invited to that party? Was he asked to leave? I don’t know but it brings more questions than answers at this point.

You’d possibly expect this from a team that had a shit season, needing to blow off some frustration possibly. But Western Kentucky went 11-3 last season, ranking just outside the AP and USA Today polls. That must have been what set them off.
No arrests have been made yet, though I don’t imagine it’s gonna be tough to figure out who did what. You can read the full police report below:

PIKE 3 by Deadspin on Scribd

[via TMZ]

Image via Twitter

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