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What To Do If Greek Life Is Dying At Your School

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It’s no secret that Greek life has been under attack for the last few years, with houses getting shut down or put on probation on what seems like a weekly basis. If this has been happening on your campus, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the atmosphere on your Greek row has changed.

Where fraternities once had healthy rivalries with one another, there is now a culture of fear and misunderstanding. Where there was once friendly competition, there is now real sabotage and bad blood. In a world where every house feels like they may be on the brink of being shut down, mistakes cannot be made. It’s every man for himself out there, and this is ruining the fabric of Greek life itself. However, you might not be too concerned about this. Maybe your house has always had more isolationist policies.

“TKE? Fuck those guys.”

“She’s going to FIJI? Why?”

“More like Sigma Alpha Boner.”

Fair enough. But this shift in culture also affects sororities and how they interact with you.

Something that’s a bit lesser-known in regard to the Greek Witch Hunt of 2014-20?? is that sororities have been feeling the heat as well. Though not nearly as many sororities have been shut down or put on suspension, the reality is that many of them are in deep shit with their nationals, PHC, the media, the university, etc. This means that they too have to take precautions. Is your house one that parties pretty hard and might be at “high risk” for disciplinary action? If so, they might choose not to fuck with you at all. Is a particular sorority on your campus in hot water with their nationals? If they are, you might be hard-pressed to spot a single one of them outside of class or their chapter house.

“Alright,” you might be saying, “all you’ve said so far is stuff that’s painfully obvious, you prick.” But what I’m getting at here is that it’s absolutely necessary for our organizations to be able to work together in times like these.

Instead of being driven by fear of your own demise and holding others down in order to avoid going under, you must be willing to work as a team to make sure every house on your row can stay strong. I’m not saying that we all need to be great friends and get along all the time, but working together will ensure that there will be other fraternities for you to talk shit on and launch dip spit-filled water balloons at. And if Greek life is truly dying out on your campus, then all you can really do is be thankful for being among the last people to experience what your organization did for you. What we have is something great, and we can’t take that for granted for one minute.

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