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White UT Students Take Pic With Rappers, OOPS It’s Just A Couple Random Black Dudes So The Internet Destroys Them

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University of Texas RoundUp was this past weekend. RoundUp is basically a weekend-long party put on jointly by all the fraternities at UT, and each house usually has small to relatively big name musical guests perform at some point. The parties run day and night and I think are intended to serve as a “this is how we party” rush tool for prospective rushees in the fall semester. It’s a big deal at UT. True story: I went while I was in high school a couple times.

The rap group Foe G4ng, out of Houston (our intern Reagan, a suburb-raised UT student, tells me), performed at the KA house during RoundUp. Foe G4ng isn’t a big name group. You’ve probably never heard of Foe G4ng and almost definitely don’t know what the members of Foe G4ng look like.

And neither did these white UT students who thought they were posing for a picture with Foe G4ng.

It wasn’t Foe G4ng, though. It was this dude who goes by Kassa on Twitter. Above picture: not Foe G4ng. This next picture: Foe G4ng.

That’s what Foe G4ng looks like, and they are, in fact, not the same guys as Kassa and his boy. Kassa and his friend are black guys, but they’re not rappers. This is an important distinction. The students who posted the pic were mistaken. Harmless ignorance, or stereotyping? Full-on racism? I don’t know man I feel like I’m not touching this one.

Kassa and the other guy tagged in the original tweet, Faneal Tesfit, are pretty offended by this. One calls out the fraternity culture at UT. The other claims racism.

The internet pitchforks came out.

Look, let’s all slow our rolls a little bit here. Not everything of this nature is worthy of outrage. And maybe it is a shitty situation and these students think any black person who shows up to predominately white parties must be a rapper. It’s possible. But isn’t it also possible that these students were just kind of familiar with the small time rap group Foe G4ng and made an innocent mistake?

Internet outrage is so in.

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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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