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Willamette University Sigma Chi Chapter Loses House Over Private Facebook Comments

Back in May, right around the time cunt punting was taking the world by storm, the Willamette University chapter of Sigma Chi was holding a rousing discussion in its private Facebook group about various topics such as hazing, drinking, “secret parties,” and their colorful disdain for a campus administrator who was apparently investigating the fraternity for some possible misdeeds during initiation. Pretty standard stuff, really. I don’t care who they are or what they’re affiliated with, if you get a group of 20+ guys together to discuss things privately, online, the conversation is going to go pretty similar to the one Sigma Chi had, tonally speaking.

Unfortunately for Sigma Chi, someone posted screenshots of this discussion to their blog, and from there it went viral and everyone in Oregon (not a good place for this to happen) started screaming EVIL FRAT MISOGYNY AHHHH! Why? Because of course. Presumably, the person who leaked the screenshots was a Sigma Chi, because how else would they have been able to see the group? This person, if he was a Sigma Chi, is also a MASSIVE asshole and a detestable piece of shit. Oh, and a moron.

A ruling on the matter has finally been handed down by the Willamette University administration, and Sigma Chi has lost its house and its ability to recruit new members indefinitely.

Basically, this is a giant load of shit. Was what the Sigma Chi brothers were discussing pleasant? No, of course not. An unpleasant conversation, however, specifically a private unpleasant conversation, should absolutely not be grounds for punishment. Someone is going to have to explain how and where these Sigma Chi members are allowed to say whatever they feel like if not within the confines of a completely private setting. Do they not have that right? One could argue that this is different, because what they were discussing involved a “physical threat.” Of course, if one argued that, one would be an idiot. They mentioned “cunt punting” the woman investigating them because cunt punting was a trendy joke. The Rebecca Martinson letter had JUST been released. Nobody in their right minds could believe that this fraternity was plotting to drop kick some school employee square in the vagina. As for the hazing and partying talk, that’s nowhere near enough evidence to prove that anyone was doing anything wrong. The school has no idea whether or not the members were being facetious, and they certainly can’t prove it.

All this is is an overreaction by a liberal school in a liberal state to having their name in media, in a negative light, for roughly 5.7 seconds. Guess what, Willamette University, you don’t need to worry about bad PR, because you’re Willamette University. No one has any idea what you are. In fact, thank Sigma Chi for getting your name out there at all.

Hopefully, Sigma Chi’s indefinite ban on hazing isn’t too long, and that their residence is restored sooner rather than later. And remember Willamette University students, you CAN and WILL be punished if the university doesn’t like what you’re discussing, even if it’s in private, and even if everyone else in the conversation is okay with it. It doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter who you are.



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