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Worst Boyfriend Ever Lets a Stray Baseball Hit His Girlfriend in the Face

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I’m just going to go ahead and file this under the list of reasons why I hate sports.

Last night at an Arizona Diamondback’s game (re: baseball), a poor girlfriend was forced to suffer even more than necessary. Not only was she undeniably suffering through a sporting event to appease her husband, but she was shown zero appreciation by her man candy. He ducked out of the way when a stray ball came right at her and hit her in the face.

Pete Kozma of the St. Louis Cardinals hit his dangerous home run, and the ball went into the stands, which I guess is pretty standard at this type of event. What isn’t standard, however, is for the saint-like girlfriends who were coerced into attending this sort of monstrosity to be assaulted with a rogue baseball. Most guys, if they saw a ball headed toward their betrothed, would shield her, or, I don’t know, try to catch the ball, like a man. Not only did this guy forget to save his girlfriend’s life/face, but he JUMPED OUT OF THE WAY and let her take the proverbial bullet for him. He then proceeded to pat her on the head for comfort.

What the fuck.

Not only is this guy a huge pussy, but he looks like the biggest ass in the entire world, as the cameras all picked up on his mistake. The commentator even noted, “Nice going, boyfriend,” at his failure to even attempt to protect his girlfriend.

I can’t imagine how bad that hurt. I’ve seen the movie Simon Birch, and Ashley Judd died after being hit with a baseball, and that was just some small-town minor league moment. She could have died, so this guy is basically Chris Brown in my book, and she’s a psycho if she doesn’t break up with him.

[via Yahoo Sports]

Image via Yahoo Sports


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Pearls Hilton

Pearls Hilton (@PearlsHiltonTSM) is a contributing writer for Total Sorority Move.

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