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Yahoo! Reveals List Of Top Ten College Bars

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Every college town has that one bar that stands above the rest. The one with the best food, the coldest beers, and the hottest patrons.

Naturally, some schools must have bars that stand above the rest of the nation. Here’s a list of the top 10 college bars, according to Yahoo!

The Tombs, Georgetown

The Tombs is adorned with plaques bearing the names of the 99 Days Club members, a group of people who would visit the bar each day as they counted down to graduation. A bar that will immortalize me for showing up every day? Sounds like my kind of place.

Proud Larry’s, Ole Miss

This place was founded in 1993 by a group of graduates and is still at it two decades later. Alumni are so fond of this place that the University of Mississippi’s alumni association has a perpetually open tab here. Ole Miss also wins for best alumni association ever.

The Albatross, UC Berkeley

I guess when you’re done protesting you’ll want something to drink. Called “a community center that sells alcohol,” (that is the Berkeley-iest description of a bar I’ve ever heard) The Albatross offers a comfortable atmosphere and 60 bottled beers along with 14 on draft.

Duffy’s Tavern, University of Nebraska

Renowned for launching the musical careers of bands like Nirvana and 311, Duffy’s is also famous for their massive Fishbowls. They say one is enough for four people. I’ll take two.

Rennie’s Landing, The University of Oregon

When the president of the university shows up to your bar, the party’s normally over. Apparently not at Rennie’s, where the University of Oregon’s president can be seen downing a cold one. Rennie’s Landing likes to be involved with philanthropy just much as it likes offering students a solid selection of seasonal craft beers.

All-American Rathskeller, Penn State

In 1933, students got meal tickets which they could use for food and beer. Eighty years after what I can only assume to be half-starved and really drunk students, the Rathskeller is still going strong. Oldest continuously operating bar in the state? Must be doing something right.

The Flying Saucer, Vanderbilt

At the Nashville location of the Flying Saucer, there’s a special challenge for patrons: membership to the UFO club and a plate on the wall. How do you join? Just taste 200 different brews. That’s quite a selection. I may have to take a long weekend and earn my own plate. There should be a special VIP membership for anyone who can do it in under 10 days.

Catacombs, University of Colorado Boulder

In addition to $3 microbrew happy hour and popular trivia night, this is probably where Trey Parker and Matt Stone hung out during their college days. What more of a sell do you need?

Eskimo Joe’s, Oklahoma State

Two weeks after his 1975 graduation, Stan Clark’s friend said that magic phrase: “We should buy a bar.” And two days later, they did. If that kind of impulse decision isn’t enough for you, President George H.W. Bush once gave the bar’s cheese fries a CNN shout-out.

Charlie’s Kitchen, Harvard

Last, but not least, is the jewel of the Hah-vahd scene. What makes this place so great? Well, the fact that the owner says he wouldn’t give Obama any special treatment helps. The bar’s scene is apparently so tight-knit among regulars that it serves as a second family and makes Cheers look like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

There you have it, Yahoo’s list of the top 10 college bars. If your favorite wasn’t listed here, take it up with Yahoo. If I had it my way, The Virginian in Charlottesville would be on this list, but again I’m just the messenger.

[via Yahoo!]


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