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You Can Now Pay To Join The Mile High Club

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Mile High Club

Adventurous sex is one of the greatest gifts of human existence. The rush and thrill of regular old doggie style is multiplied when you do it in a car, as a quickie while hiking, or in the bar bathroom. Doing the dirty in different places means you get to plant your flagpole while also claiming that spot as your own, like a pissing dog. Marking your territory in a variety of places is a fun and ongoing adventure in and of itself, but for the sexually audacious, the holy grail of locations for laying pipe is on a plane mid-flight.

The mile high club has been a staple of sex bucket lists for probably as long as commercial flights have been taking off. Today, there are several companies that cater to those desires, offering trips for the exclusive purpose of the passengers getting to live out their fantasy. One such airline, Flamingo Air, focuses on the romance, and wants to offer more than just a flash bang sexscapade.


For a fee of $495, couples are provided with a cushioned couch, champagne, chocolate, and a one hour flight. President and CEO David MacDonald says that unlike competitors … his airline is all about the romance. Customers include “straight-laced” couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and other events.

Now, I’m all for going after what you want and being adventurous, but this just feels like cheating. The real thrill of the mile high club is being discreet enough to do the deed unbeknownst to an entire plane full of passengers and crew members, or to have the balls to just not care. Maybe you chat up the hottie that sits next to you and you guys have an unforgettable 10 minutes in the tiny bathroom and never see each other again, or maybe you and your long-term slam decided to spice up your trip home for the holidays. Either way, it’s that in-the-moment factor that you’re missing out on when you pay for your mile high experience.

Whatever the case, paying almost $500 for one hour in a plane that can barely fit you, your slam, and the pilot isn’t quite the same kind of adventure that people think of when they think of the mile high club.


Image via YouTube

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