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Your Liberal Protests Created The Donald Trump Monster

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If the results from the 2016 GOP presidential primaries and caucuses are showing us anything so far, it’s that Americans are angry. So angry that we’re willing to vote for a notorious liar whose political policies are laughable. Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency was hilarious at first. “Finally, a candidate with no filter and no interest in being politically correct,” we all said. But now that he’s winning, gaining steam and appears more and more likely to have a legitimate shot at becoming the next U.S. president, his bid is downright terrifying. But we only have ourselves to blame. We let this happen by rolling over any time anyone shouted injustice without actually looking for the truth. This one is on us.

This is the problem when we live in a call-your-own-fouls society. While everyone’s busy calling for a new leader, no one’s thinking about the consequences. Different doesn’t mean good. Different means different. Change doesn’t happen overnight by one city official or college administrator stepping down. It’s a long, drawn out process because most people want to make sure it’s done right. This seems to get lost with these pop-up protests, though. You can demand change until you’re blue in the face, but do you really have a plan for making things better for everyone?

Let’s take a look at the Mizzou protests, for example, since we’re all familiar with those. The skinny of what happened is that protests regarding racial injustice zeroed in on UM Systems President Tim Wolfe. There were no major racial incidents prior to these protests. There was a “poop swastika” in a dorm, but that’s about it. Still, the protesters pushed on and forced Wolfe to resign.

Now, to the media, this was perceived as a win for racial equality. Victimized college students forced out a terrible, racist college administrator. But the truth is this was a massive abomination. It was a failure of leadership. A failure to stand up to cry babies. This isn’t the only example either. Take any time you’ve heard a story about “racist” party themes. Wearing a Mexican sombrero? Racist (even though they give you sombreros at Mexican restaurants for your birthday). Asian food day in the cafeteria? Racist (even though there are Asian themed restaurants). In just about every instance you can think of, the person in charge has backed down to save face and avoided hurting anyone’s feelings. Defend wearing a sombrero and you’re a racist bigot who doesn’t understand culture. Enter Donald Trump’s campaign.

From the start, Trump’s been a mudslinger. He has mowed down everyone with insults and he’s been unapologetic about it — and that’s why people love him. Trump’s supporters are angry. They are sick of their leaders not being leaders. They are angry the politically correct crowd is getting win after win. They are angry college kids are flopping and getting a penalty called every damn time. You can swallow a loss to the PC crowd every once in a while, but it’s been a consistent dose of PC shittiness for the last year or so.

I’m not saying the Republican party isn’t at least partially to blame. It’s a mess. They should’ve nipped this Trump campaign in the bud when they had the chance four years ago. But they didn’t. They let him call for President Obama’s birth certificate. They let him endorse Mitt Romney. It’s another example of poor leadership. But Trump supporters want a leader. They want someone who’s going to push back. You can attack Clinton all you want on emails and whatnot, but do the voters realllllly care about her potentially classified emails? No, they don’t. Those emails by-and-large don’t affect their daily lives. Bending over every time someone gets their feelings hurt does.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Not only is that a law of physics, but it’s a law of life. It’s called karma. What goes around, comes around. When you burn down the establishment because you get your feelings hurt, this is what happens — an extremist unafraid of your feelings comes in and brings things to a screeching halt for better or for worse. I would argue this is for the worst, but there’s no denying Trump has supporters (and a lot of them). I hope this is only a cautionary fairy tale, but come November, this may be a reality. You asked for change and you got it. Don’t be surprised if the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

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