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Your Old Man Deserves These Father’s Day Gifts From Man Outfitters

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You owe it to your old man to make up for years of disappointment and too many emergency credit card purchases at the liquor store with a bomb Father’s Day gift. Father’s Day is June 18, which is just 12 days away. If you place an order on Man Outfitters by this Thursday, June 8, we guarantee the gift will arrive on time with standard shipping. Guaranteed Father’s Day arrival with express shipping, however, is June 13. And as always, orders over $99 come with free shipping.

We put together a list of 162 items from Man Outfitters that would make great Father’s Day gifts, but because you all value my opinion more than anyone else’s, your own included, I have highlighted a few of my favorites below.

‘The Fourth’ Crew Socks from Stance


Stance socks are taking over the scene. I don’t own a pair yet but everyone around me won’t shut up about them. You know your dad is only buying himself basic black or navy ones, or some classic tubes for mowing the lawn or napping through the golf tournament, so get him ready for the Fourth of July so he’ll have all the moms frothing when he pulls up the pant leg on his chinos to reveal these motherfuckers.

‘Aiden’ Italian Sheepskin Sneaker from Trask


Being a dad doesn’t mean your only shoe option is the loafer and a pair of coke white New Balances. I mean, he does have to have a pair of go-to loafs (these, for example), but he can be stylish, too. These Trask leather sneaks are for the dad who will break off a stack of cash for your upcoming Vegas trip with the boys to guarantee you have a good time, or the dad who will possibly be there in the club popping bottles alongside you.

Sunday Shorts – 8″ Inseam from Outdoor Voices


I own these. They’re incredible. Outdoor Voices is an Austin-based athletic apparel company that makes clothing that works for the gym, for the yoga studio, for bottomless mimosas at Sunday brunch, or for stealing your friend’s single mom. Eight inches is plenty of inseam to keep that dad dick concealed, too.

‘Painkiller’ Bungalow Swim Shorts – 7″ Inseam from Vineyard Vines


No one will even notice that he’s let himself go and has a seasoned golfer’s tan when he cannonballs into the deep end to soak the already sopping moms sitting poolside when he has these bad boys on. Tell me with a straight face the dad who wears these trunks doesn’t have a signature cocktail recipe for every holiday, special occasion, or theme. Try it. He’ll drink as much as you, except whereas you’ll be puking in the bushes, he’ll appear totally unfazed by his soaring BAC. Because he’s a dad, and dads don’t show weakness.

Rambler 30 Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/ Lid from Yeti


Don’t let your old man be the lone asshole at the pool party whose old fashioned is watered down because he’s drinking from a Solo cup. Everyone has a Yeti Rambler, and if your dad is one of the very few who doesn’t have one, you haven’t yet fulfilled your obligation as a good and decent offspring of his. He’s waiting for you to show him you love him. Fucking show him.

Gifts for Dad — because your old man doesn’t have to look like one.

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