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Your Super Bowl 50 Drinking Game

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Super Bowl 50 Drinking Game

While individual levels of intended intoxication may vary, drinking during any one of these occurrences is bound to get you to your desired state, most likely in a very quick manner.

Take a drink when:

  • A wide receiver throws his hands up, crying for a pass interference call. Drink twice if a late flag comes in and he actually gets it.
  • Someone mentions Peyton Manning’s “elder status.”
  • Phil Simms praises Manning. Drink twice if he uses the word “elite” in that sentence.
  • Cam “dabs.” Drink twice if it pisses you off.
  • They show a replay using “pylon cam.” Drink twice if the pylon gets knocked over.
  • Manning shouts “Omaha.”
  • Every time Peyton throws a pass that wobbles. Drink twice if he manages to complete it.
  • Brock Osweiler is described as being “the future” of the Broncos.
  • Cam hands a ball to a kid.
  • There is a slightly inappropriate “Go Daddy” commercial.
  • Peyton’s forehead is visible. Drink twice if this is accompanied by “the Manning face.”
  • Visible lip syncing occurs during the halftime show.
  • Someone tells you to shut up so they can hear a commercial.
  • The phrase “indisputable video evidence” is used.
  • Someone who doesn’t know football asks a question about the game.
  • Peyton Manning appears in a Papa John’s commercial.
  • They show an old picture of Elway and/or compare Manning and Elway’s stats.
  • The phrase “Hall of Fame Career” is used.
  • A Budweiser commercial is shown with a Clydesdale in it. Drink twice if there is also a puppy shown.
  • Coldplay performs the song “Yellow” at halftime.
  • Every time a player disagrees with a penalty called on him.

Chug when:

  • The camera focuses on Cam’s cleats in warmups.
  • The camera shows Eli in the crowd.
  • The words to the National Anthem are forgotten.
  • They go to commercial with a cutaway scene of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • A commercial with animals comes on. Remain chugging for the entirety of the commercial.
  • They bring in a rules analyst to comment on a questionable call. Chug twice if he ends up getting it wrong.
  • There is a halftime show malfunction.
  • At any point in the game they make reference to the long-lost Manning brother, Cooper.
  • Every time a Bud Light Commercial comes on.
  • The Patriots are mentioned.
  • Thomas Davis’s broken arm or Jared Allen’s broken foot is used as an excuse as to why they could not make a tackle.

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