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You’re Lying If You Say You Wouldn’t Have Sex With A Celebrity Sex Doll

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Maybe my thing is just a little extra torqued today after watching Tom Brady become the all-time winningest quarterback in NFL history, but I was pretty much all in no questions asked on this celebrity sex doll as soon as I saw “her.” It could also be that I’d do dirty things to that Westworld sex bot Clementine and her likeness is still running wild in my prefrontal cortex after yesterday’s season finale, but nevertheless, regardless of reason, this sex robot just does it for me.

And you can’t sit there and tell me this sex doll created in the visage of Scarlett Johansson isn’t Chariots of Fire-flames hot. So scorching there’s a chance she’ll singe your ball hair when she goes down on you, and not because she might short circuit with your dick in her mouth. I mean, look at her!

According to experts, it’s a forgone conclusion that in the not-so-distant future we’re going to be taking our dicks to pay dirt with celebrity look alike sex robots. It’s clear that there’s so much potential cheddar in the celeb whorebot business that apparently China’s answer to Dr. Ford & Arnold/Bernard spent fifty Gs to create his ScarJo robot. He could make brazillians of dollars with a celeb sex bot company, so maybe it was a good investment? Apparently celebs are going to cash in on this, too, potentially raking in thousands for each robot sold in their image. Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

According to the New York Post, experts do have some concerns regarding the future burgeoning sex robot craze.

But not everyone thinks sex robots will be such a good thing for humanity.
Experts have previously claimed teenagers could soon be losing their virginity with the mechanical love machines – with one warning that people could become addicted to the robotic romps.

There have even been warnings that sex with robots could turn people into psychopaths.

I don’t share the same “concerns” that these experts do. For one thing, there’s no way some teenager is losing his V-card to a robot, simply because there’s no fucking way some pimply faced kid who makes his beer money bussing tables at TGI Fridays is going to be able to afford one of these sex robots. Unless he’s got one of those “cool parents” who decide to buy one for him. Then all bets are off. “Oh you want a sex robot for your 16th birthday instead of a hand-me-down Scion? Good. Don’t have to worry about drunk driving now.”

Even then, what’s so bad about laying the pipe to some sex bot that looks like Emily Ratajkowski? Turning people into “psychopaths?” Bruh, we’ve left psychopath at the station years ago. We’ve got kids in Japan licking each other’s eyeballs. We’ve got people so dulled to sex at a young age that teenagers are tying off their dicks and injecting electrodes right into their frenulums just to try and get a blood flow going to have actual intercourse. The whole front page of PornHub has been cramming stepsister porn down our throats for months now and I can only assume they’re as heavily trafficked as a Los Angeles highway the day before Thanksgiving.

So I’d say we’re sufficiently past “psychopath.” It’s simply a forgone conclusion that youth on the rise will be wacky sex freaks. We’re headed to a world full of psychopaths with or without sex robots, and their concerns should be less about teens getting their dicks wet with synthetic P and more about these things becoming sentient and taking over the planet.

[via New York Post]

Image via Shutterstock

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