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Late Round Frat Sleepers

America loves a great underdog story – the Miracle on Ice, Drew Brees coming back from a shredded shoulder to win a Super Bowl, Rudy Ruettiger earning a spot on the Notre Dame football roster despite being mentally challenged, and…Read More »

Honor The Pledgeship

A man’s right to initiation requires something from him… There are few things more woven into the fraternity culture than pledgeship and the tradition of earning your way to become a brother. The need for initiation is a primal part…Read More »

Hell Week: The Long Par 5 On 18

There are fraternities who initiate their pledges in November nowadays, and hey, that’s just great. But most of us post-grad guys had to do it the old-fashioned way (yes, this is one of those “you have it easier than I…Read More »

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