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I just want to preface before you read any further, I am going through some lady problems and thought that making this article would help me get over this shit. Instead, it brought up nostalgic horniness I haven’t felt in years and threw me for a loop. Essentially, I have had a rollercoaster of emotions through writing this so bare with me here.

Mrs. Incredible-

Christ. This lady has it all. A great body, beautiful eyes, and topped off with a great personality. Not to mention she’s a goddamn superhero. She defeated the Screen Slaver and Syndrome, and by god, if she wanted another kid I wouldn’t be afraid to step forward.

Paulina (Danny Phantom)-

Paulina from Danny Phantom might have been one of my first crushes. Tan skin blue eyes? Later. Also, at one point in the show, I don’t know when she turned emo. That might have given me an unconscious love for emo girls. Kinda wild how that works.

Princess Daisy (From Mario)-

Alright before everyone starts freaking out that I didn’t Princess Peach, let me give you my reasoning. I love brunettes. I love brunettes more than blondes. There I said it. Daisy’s got big old blue eyes, and when you play as her in Super Smash Bros brawl it makes her that much more attractive. All I’m saying is that if she needed a stay-at-castle husband, I would be the first person to offer myself.

Filipino Fortnite Default Character-

This chick collects mats like a maniac and hits the default dance like a diva. There’s something about the way she whips out the double pump that just turns me on and to this day I am trying to figure it out. Whenever I run default skins and she pops up as my skin, I know I am taking a dub with the boys. I also know I am going double digits in the kill column as well.

Written by Danny Serrano

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