Best Sports Betting Apps for 2024

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Sports betting continues to grow in popularity, as 38 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have all approved sports betting in some form. Whether you’re new to sports gambling or looking to branch out from your go-to app, our guide can help you find the best betting apps available. That way, you can test them all and level the odds in your favor. 

How We Chose the Best Sports Betting Apps

When considering the best sports betting apps, we looked at the following: 

  • User experience: We chose betting sites that offered an easy-to-use experience, clean layout, and quick access to support. 
  • Competitive odds: Odds are the name of the game. It’s why we chose sportsbooks offering some of the most competitive odds available. 
  • Promos: It’s common for sports betting sites to offer promotions when you sign up. However, do they also have promos for in-game action? 
  • Diversity: Along with picking the winners and money lines, do they offer fantasy sports options? Can you bet on futures if it’s the off-season? 
  • Reputation: Does the sportsbook offer responsive support? Do they slow down your bets when you’re on a hot streak? Reading users’ experiences can help you determine which is the right fit.
  • Rewards: Does the sportsbook offer rewards and ongoing incentives for continued play? Some sportsbooks offer rewards, where the more you bet, the more likely you are to earn rewards for concert tickets, sporting events, or free hotel stays. 

With these factors in consideration, here are our picks for the best sports betting apps.

Our Picks for the Best Sports Betting Apps

Best User Experience: FanDuel 

  • Highly competitive NFL odds
  • Daily fantasy sports contests 
  • Intro offers up to $200 in bonus bets when you win your first $5
  • Doesn’t offer many evergreen promotions 
  • Lack of cryptocurrency

About FanDuel 

If you’re recommending a sports book to a new bettor, FanDuel should be at the top of your list. Everything about the design, whether you’re on their website or mobile app is clean. Information is easy to find, and support is only a click away. What’s more, they offer trending arrows on games, making it easier to make your decisions based on trends. For new bettors, it’s an educational way to see where the lines trend without needing to do more research. The daily fantasy sports contests are also a huge bonus, especially for football fans. 

Why We Like It

FanDuel offers an intro bonus of up to $300 in bonus bets when you place a $5 wager. On top of this, the “Stake All Straights” option allows you to make multiple bets fast. FanDuel has a fresh design and competitive odds, making it one of the best sportsbooks to consider for usability.

Best Rewards and Bonuses: BetMGM

  • Up to $1,500 in bonus bets 
  • Extensive NFL futures market 
  • Excellent first TD odds on primetime games 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No phone customer support 
  • Limited rotating promotions

About BetMGM

BetMGM offers the best bonus matching for sports books. After signing up and funding your account, you place a wager. BetMGM matches your first bet, up to $1,500 if you lose. That’s a generous offer you won’t find with other sports betting sites. Along with the bonus, BetMGM offers promo boosts on select games. You can find these promos on the top of the home screen. And they’re mobile app is as clean and easy to use as their website. 

Why We Like It

BetMGM offers a generous matching bonus bet of up to $1,500 if you lose your first wager. The layout on their website and mobile app is clean and easy to use. And you can receive higher payout bonuses by taking advantage of promos.

Best for Beginners: Bet365

  • Easy-to-read betting lines
  • Up to $1,000 in bonus bets with account funding and a $10 opening wager 
  • Multiple funding options
  • Only available in seven states

About Bet365

Bet365 is a wise way for beginners to get into sports betting. Their website is easy to navigate, accessing information is quick, and support is responsive. When you sign up for a new account, you have two intro bonuses. The first is a bonus bet match of up to $1,000. If you place your first wager and lose, Bet365 matches the bet amount. Another option is to place a $5 wager to unlock $150 in bonus bets. Bet365 also offers competitive odds, payout boost promos for high-profile games, and parlay boosts. 

Why We Like It

It’s one of the easiest websites to use. Bet365 has earned a solid reputation for great odds, ample promos, and one of the best intro deals available. Their support is responsive and helpful, which is important for those new to betting apps.

Best for Responsive Support: Caesars Sportsbook 

  • Clean, organized interface
  • Some of the best NFL odds offered
  • Bet $50 to receive $250 in free bets
  • Can use rewards for free hotel stays and casino plays
  • Lacks advanced bet types

About Caesars Sportsbook 

Its clean design ensures you find information quickly. New customers are eligible for the $1,000 welcome bonus bet. Once you fund your account and place a wager using the promo code “THELINES1000” you’ll become eligible for a matching bet if your first one loses. You can also wager on parlays, futures, spreads, props, totals, and teasers. If you need assistance, Caesars Sportsbook has some of the most responsive sports betting sites. 

Why We Like It

Reputation is everything for a sports book. And Caesars delivers a high reputation for user experience, responsive customer support, and competitive odds. It’s the hat trick of things to look for when choosing a sports betting site. Most importantly, the website and mobile app are simple to use. Therefore, whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a new one, Caesars Sportsbook is an excellent option to consider.

Best for Mobile App Functionality: DraftKings Sportsbook 

  • Bet $5 and receive $150 in bonus bets 
  • Clean and easy-to-use mobile app
  • Ample promos and odds boosts
  • Doesn’t offer phone support 
  • Can limit winners on a short-term hot streak

About DraftKings Sportsbook 

DraftKings is known for its user-friendly mobile app for sports betting. Unlike other apps that face geolocation issues, DraftKings stands out for its seamless setup process, allowing users to create an account, fund it, and place bets swiftly, especially for MLB wagers. New users are incentivized with up to $150 in bonus bets upon making their initial $5 wager. Baseball fans can indulge in many betting options, including prop bets and innings wagers. However, one potential concern is the alleged slowdown in bet placement when users experience a consistent winning streak, as reported by some users.

Why We Like It

It’s such an easy mobile app to use. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, and you can place bets fast. The intro bonus of $150 in added bets with a $5 wager is perfect for beginners looking to gain more experience in sports betting. The prop bets add some spice to baseball and football contests.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sports Betting App

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right sports betting app for you. 


How easy is the sports betting website to use? Can you find information quickly? That’s why when you’re considering a sportsbook, you should visit several websites. What you’ll find is that many share similar layouts, but some, like FanDuel, offer trending tools to help newer bettors identify trends. 

Competitive Odds

What’s the sportsbook’s reputation for odds? Are their money lines consistent with what other sportsbooks offer? It’s why sports books like BetMGM have such a stellar reputation: they offer some of the most competitive odds, which brings more players in. One of the best ways to measure odds is to examine several sportsbooks before placing a wager. While comparing, make sure to shop each website’s promo section, where you can increase payouts on select games. 

Promos and Rewards

It’s common for sportsbooks to offer promos to new customers. It takes the form of offering a bonus bet matching the first wager you lose up to a specified amount. Or, you place a $5 bet and earn a specified amount in bonus bets. For new customers, the latter approach is better, since you don’t have to make a huge investment upfront and you can break up the bonus bet amount to have multiple wagers. 

However, do they also reward those who continue to use their website? MGM sportsbooks are great for giving rewards every time you place a wager. Depending on the sports book, those rewards can include sports tickets, concerts, and even free hotel stays.


What Is the Most Trusted Sports Betting App?

The most trusted sportsbooks are Caesar’s, BetMGM, and FanDuel. Each offers competitive odds, an easy-to-use website, and promos to help new bettors find their footing. 

Which Sports Betting App Has the Best Payout?

FanDuel and DraftKings offer exceptional payout bonuses. Before placing your bet, visit the promos section of your sportsbook. On there, they’ll contain promos for games, where you might receive a substantial payout bonus if you win. 

Which Is the Most Reliable Site for Bets?

Caesars Sportsbook and BetMGM have outstanding reputations for competitive odds. These competitive odds draw in more bettors, as it can increase your chances of winning. Before placing a bet with a sportsbook, shop around to see if the money lines are the same as others. Also, check for bonuses that could increase your payout if you win.

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