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It all comes down to this and we’re going to bet on it!

The NASCAR Cup Series regular season will reach its exciting conclusion at the famed Daytona International Speedway this Saturday night & you’ll find no shortage of story lines to pay attention to this weekend. In what was supposed to be a fairly cut & dry scenario to determine which 16 drivers would advance to the postseason things have changed drastically in the last 24 hours.

Before the haulers even made it to the racetrack to unload the drama began to unfold. Kansas winner Kurt Busch sent shockwaves through the NASCAR playoff picture as he announced on Thursday morning that he will be withdrawing himself from the postseason while he continues to recover from concussion-like symptoms that has kept him out of the driver’s seat for the last six weeks. With Kurt out of the picture it leaves 14 drivers locked into the postseason instead of 15 & two spots up for grabs instead of just one.

Those last two precious playoff seeds are currently occupied by Penske’s Ryan Blaney & Joe Gibbs Racing’s Martin Truex Jr. neither of which have yet to reach victory lane and are the only two drivers who can make it in on points if there isn’t a new winner. If there is a new winner it will more than likely  be Truex Jr. kissing his championship hopes goodbye because Blaney holds a 25 point advantage over him.

Now that I’ve set the scene for you here comes the real fun, placing the bets OH! and $200! If this is your first time betting on NASCAR welcome to the club you’re going love it I promise. There is nothing more exhilarating than cashing a NASCAR ticket on an epic last lap pass. I’m going to highlight two outright winner bets that I’ve already got locked in, and these are two guys that are absolutely desperate to get to victory lane in Daytona because it’s their only way into the playoffs!

(“Bad Brad” Keselowski +2500 1u)

It’s all in the nickname, this man is legitimately a BAD man at these superspeedways (in a good way). Over the course of his career Bad Brad has 7 Cup Series superspeedway wins to his name, 6 wins at Talladega & 1 at Daytona. In this year’s Daytona 500 Brad arguably had the best racecar in the field and while he ultimately finished 9th  he led the majority of laps 67 of them to be exact, had an average running position of 5th, and kicked the weekend off by winning his qualifying race. I’m big on past performance is indicative of future performance and Brad has certainly performed at the superspeedways. It’ll be checkers or wreckers for Brad as he looks to sneak in the playoffs with a win, I’m betting on checkers.

(Erik Jones +3500 0.5u)

That Jones Boy is also a talented superspeedway driver whose shown great speed at all the superspeedway tracks this year. Jones nearly cashed me out at 70-1 back at Talladega and it would’ve been a legendary hit for me but unfortunately he made the wrong decision defending the lead on the final lap and instead winning the race he finished 6th. Even though Erik didn’t win that day his performance was excellent, he led 25 laps, had an average running position of 6th and had a shot at the race win coming to the checkered flag. In the Daytona 500 Jones led 3 laps, had an avg. running position of 12th and was lurking in the top 10 in the closing laps when he got caught up in the late race chaos ending his hopes of a win. At the two AtlantaDega races (yeah ATL is a superspeedway now) Jones was strong in both of them. In the spring Jones had an avg. position of 11th, ran 10 fastest laps & finished 14th. In the July race Jones had an avg. position of 15th, ran 7 fastest laps and brought it home in 4th place. Oh and did I mention that Jones won a race at Daytona in 2018. If Jones has won here before he most certainly can do it again, sign me up at 35-1!

I included screenshots of my personal wagers because I’m the kind of guy who puts my money where my mouth is, there is no way I would convince you to take these bets if I wasn’t getting in on the action myself! And besides you’ll be free rolling these bets after getting that $200 instantly from our friends at Bet365, so sit back relax and watch the chaos of NASCAR’s regular season finale unfold!


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Written by RkyMtnLSX

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