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Game Analysis:

How has this series already exceeded my already high expectations? Between Kyrie flipping birds like a Chick-Fil-A fry cook and fans screaming like sailors at him, game one was the most entertaining basketball game I’ve watched in years. Whether or not you like Kyrie, he backed up his play on Sunday, having one of those performances that leave everyone remembering why he was a first overall draft pick despite playing like four games at Duke. To win game two, Brooklyn will need to transition with the zeal of Caitlyn Jenner on defense, Bruce Brown will need to contribute at the same level he did late in the regular season, and as a team, they need to move the ball quickly against a Boston team that’s as effective as Alan Dershowitz on defense. Getting Ben Simmons back to guard Jayson Tatum would easily give Brooklyn the edge in this series, but the Nets have the pieces to get the job done even without him. I expect this series to go seven, with reality show-esque theatrics and Charles Barkley’s best reactions. I think Brooklyn still has the edge in this series, but the real question is, who the hell isn’t betting on this? Take the Nets.  

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