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The Nuggets against the Clippers. While there is a chance that this is a good game, I do have some unfortunate news for you Clipper fans out there. Your team has been subpar at best this season, and your front office knows it. I mean, tell me you’re desperate without saying you’re desperate by bringing in Russell Westbrook post-Lakers as your “big transfer window move”.  Meanwhile, the Nuggets have been one of the best teams in basketball this season and have no idea about slowing down anytime soon. The Nuggets are so much better than the Clippers. 

The Clippers are just a sad case at this point. They had such a deep roster with two top-end talents in the game. I mean, they had the formula for success, just look at the Celtics! So what went wrong? Two words. Load. Management. Kawhi only wants to play like ten games and season, and Paul George has been trying to one-up him this season in the worst possible way. The few times we have seen the two of them on the court, they have been incredible. Kawhi has been averaging about 22 points per game, and PG13 has been scoring 23 per game. If this dynamic duo was just a little more consistent, then maybe they’d have a chance against the Nuggets.

However, with all of the consistency the Clippers have been lacking, the Nuggets have been gaining in spades. This team is 42 and 18 and top of the West. They have four guys averaging near or more than 20 points per game, not to mention the current back-to-back MVP. Speaking of the Joker, he has not slowed down in the slightest. He’s been averaging 24.7 points per game, 11.6 rebounds per game, and 10.2 assists per game. It is incredibly unfair that the Nuggets have one player who can be their point guard, center, and top scorer all at the same time. And they have three guys on the roster who all have real arguments for all-star spots. I mean, I don’t really know what else needs to be said.

The Nuggets are undoubtedly a better team than the Clippers. They have been more consistent and more productive, and it’s shown in their record. Bet on the Nugget’s moneyline and get your extra $200 in bet credits.


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Written by Warren Loukota

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