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Now I know what most of you are probably thinking. Oh great, the preseason mid-off, this is going to be the most boring game to watch by a landslide. However, I would like to challenge that viewpoint. While I will give you that the Cardinals seem to be stuck in purgatory at the moment since they are too good to tank, but not good enough to make any postseason noise, the Broncos are a different story. Yes last season was abysmal, and yes Russell Wilson is only getting older, but we cannot dismiss the horrific coaching they had to endure last season. The Broncos have all the pieces to be a really solid football team and I think this game against the Cards is their first step in the right direction.

The Arizona Cardinals are one bad season away from a rebuild. To be honest, they should already be in one, but they made the mistake that every desperate team makes and overpaid their quarterback. I’m not saying it was the worst move to pay someone like Kyler Murray that insane amount of money, but you do have to factor in that this man spends more time trying to unlock new COD weapons skins than he does studying his own playbook when you commit to a QB in that way. Then you think about the fact that Ertz is only getting older, Hopkins just left for the Titans of all places, and who knows what this offensive line is gonna be looking like, and all of a sudden this team paints a really ugly picture. They won’t be the worst team in the NFL but they certainly don’t have the same upside as this Broncos team.

Ok, ok, I hear you. Russell Wilson is old, Russell Wilson stinks, Russell Wilson has lost his step. And while I’m not saying you’re entirely wrong I also don’t think you’re being entirely fair. Russell went from having one of the better coaches in the league in Seattle to a team led by a man who only has a job thanks to Aaron Rodgers. I think this new-look Broncos offense under the guise of Sean Payton is going to be night and day in comparison to last year’s team. I’m not predicting them to win the division or anything here, but they will definitely be more polished than this Cardinals team. They still have solid receiving options in Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy. They still have a very solid defense just as they had before Russell Wilson, and their offensive line can only get better. Again, this team won’t set any records but they’re gonna beat the Cardinals.

The Broncos are going to surprise a lot of teams next year, starting with the Cardinals. Bet on Denver‘s moneyline and get your extra $200 in bet credits.


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Written by Warren Loukota

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