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After a shaky start to the season, the Jets will be hitting the road to visit lovely Cleveland Ohio and the Browns. Let’s break it down.

The Browns squeezed out a win over Baker Mayfield and the Panthers last weekend. They reminded everyone that even with a QB who doesn’t inspire much confidence, with their elite O-line and double headed dragon run game the Browns should be taken seriously. As he said in a press conference, it is easy for Brissett to not be Watson as he threw for under 150 yards and relied on his backs to carry the load. Oops. Their defense is alright, but really fell apart in the fourth as they almost allowed a comeback. The Browns success until Watson comes back will rely on the run game and play of the offensive line.

Oh the Jets. Led by the elite(?) Joe Flacco they fell to the Ravens 24-9. Despite taking the loss, the Jets had some bright spots. They did a solid job defending against the run, not allowing a touchdown and holding a rush heavy offense to well under 100 yards. They managed to pick off Lamar once, but it wasn’t enough as he threw for three touchdowns. I think they’ll be able to slow down Chubb and Hunt, while limiting Brissett through the air. If they can do that while finding the endzone themselves, we’ll have ourselves a ballgame.

A touchdown is too many points. Take the Jets and be sure to take advantage of the closest thing to free money without having to do something illegal.

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