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Game one was certainly not what the Mets had drawn up going into Monday. A waste of a Scherzer start, a loss at Yankees stadium, and millions of dudes popping their chains all over the tri-state area. The Yankees have now won two in a row for what feels like the first time since the Vietnam war, which shouldn’t be hard for a team with a payroll exceeding most net worths of guests on Epstein’s island. Since the start of August, it’s felt like one side of New York has been sunshine and Puerto Rican rainbows, and the other has been darker than a basement apartment in the West Village on a cold February night. Luckily for Mets fans, I don’t think the Yankees will repeat.

The Mets have Taijuan Walker going against Frankie Montas for game two. Since coming to New York, Montas has an ERA of nine, and he’s given up fourteen runs. I know that Taijuan Walker is no Jacob deGrom, but he’s better than a small market player struggling to adjust to the big city. Remember the last time the Yankees got a “talented” arm from Oakland at the deadline? The Sonny Gray experiment worked about as effectively as my Uncle’s toupee at our last family reunion. The Mets were hotter than my friend’s sister with 3,000 followers on Instagram, and they’ve dropped a few games; there’s no reason to overreact. Take the Mets in game two and be sure to take advantage of the closest thing to free money without having to sell your body.

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