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Lamar Jackson and the rest of the Ravens will travel to New York for the first game of their season against the the ELITE Joe Flacco and the Jets. The Ravens started off 8-3 last season before injuries plagued their team and eventually cost them a playoff spot, whereas the Jets had, well, a Jets season of 4-13 with zero chance at sniffing the playoffs. As the Ravens come back without injury they hope to start the season the same way they did last year and turn around their playoff run, while the Jets are hoping to become a relevant NFL franchise for the first time since 2010.

It would be easy to pick the Ravens to decimate the Jets in the opening game of the season, but despite a record last season that is only slightly better than my success rate attempting to seduce women in the bar, the Jets showed fire at times that no one was expecting. And c’mon: Joe Flacco is elite. They’ve had a solid off-season, and with the game being played at home, it’s the perfect storm for Joe Flacco to have the one game he has every year that solidifies him as an NFL legend – not to mention the MILFs that will be in attendance just to catch a glimpse of Zach Wilson on the sidelines. The Ravens are infamous for losing games they shouldn’t, and the Jets have nothing to lose. Bet $1 on the Jets to win against the Ravens, and claim $200 from Bet365 – it’s the closest to free money you can get without having to sacrifice a kidney to a guy named “Chaz” that you met on Craigslist.

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