Bet $1 On The Titans vs. Rams And Win $100 If A Touchdown Is Scored

In a showdown that would’ve been considered interesting a week ago, the Titans head out to LA, where they will, in all likelihood, lose by a steep margin to the Rams. I expect the Titans’ offense to look about as awkward as a middle school dance with Derrick Henry’s injury and Ryan Tannehill’s inconsistent play. Seriously, their identity for the past few years has been establishing the run and getting Tannehill comfortable in play-action; people can’t just change their identities within a week- or maybe they can; it is 2021, after all.

I think this game is going to consist of Scott Hanson showing a lot of Cooper Kupp, some Aaron Donald hanging dong over Tannehill’s face, and a lot of zoom-ins on Mike Vrabel having a confused look on his face.

But… more importantly, there is a serious amount of money to be made here.

Bet $1 on Niners vs. Cards game, and win $100 if either team scores a TD.

I’ll say it again: get $100 if either team scores a TD.

How to claim your offer:

  1. Sign up for WynnBET
  2. Select your state
  3. Go to promotions
  4. Click deposit on the “Bet $1 Win $100” tile
  5. Deposit $20 or more into your acocunt
  6. Finally, place a $1 spread, moneyline, or over/under bet on this game.
  7. Watch $100 fly right into your account because a TD will happen

The spread is -7.5 on the Rams, and I’m hammering it. The points spread is fifty-four, and the under looks kind of sexy too.

Take the Rams, take the under, but win regardless using WynnBet.

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