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The Yankees are three and eleven in August, they’ve scored one run in the last twenty-seven innings, and Clay Holmes appears to have some back problems. So, why would I tell you to bet on this team right now? Well, for a few reasons. The Yankees are too talented of a team for this unacceptable behavior to continue, and they also just shook up their roster. That’s where Oswaldo Cabrera comes in, the twenty-three-year-old prospect whose been one of the hottest bats in baseball in the minors. Don’t believe me? Here’s what he’s been up to in AAA:

  • .298/.380/.591
  • .971 OPS
  • 154 wRC+
  • 13 HRs
  • 14 2Bs
  • 40 RBIs
  • 11 SBs

They also called Estevan Florial back up to the majors, who will hopefully break through more than he did the last time he got the call-up. 

In game one, the Yankees face Jose Berrios, who is really just a big name with a 5.61 ERA. The Blue Jays have dropped six of their last seven, so now is the time for the Yankees to get back on the horse. Take the Yankees in game one and be sure to take advantage of the closest thing to free money without having to sell your body.

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