Bet $1 On The Yankees v. Red Sox and Get $200 Back Instantly

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole, and until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets.

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If this series ends up being half as entertaining as last week’s, I would still declare this must-watch. The Red Sox are coming into this series after getting demolished by the Rays to once again prove that they are one of the most frustrating teams in baseball. The Red Sox are like Tony La Russa trying to walk the line when getting pulled over for driving hammered. For every step forward they take, they take two steps back. On the other hand, the Yankees (specifically Clay Holmes) have looked human lately, but this is still one of the most talented baseball teams I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t matter that Jameson Taillon is getting shelled when your guys are putting up 5.2 runs a game. We are talking about a team with two bonafide aces, a rotation more solid than gold, and Anthony Rizzo as arguably their eighth-best hitter. 

Betting on the Yankees’ Moneyline is basically passive income. These are the dog days of summer, guys, and this is probably the best sporting event we will get this month, so take the Yankees. 

Regardless of what happens get the closest thing to free money without having to sell your body.

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