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We’ve reached the end of the 2022 NFL season, which means another week of Saturday games, and this week we’ve got a matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders. The Chiefs clinched their division already, but with a 13-3 record, they’re still in the hunt for the number one overall seed in the AFC. The Raiders, on the other hand, are just playing for pride at this point. They’ve been totally eliminated from playoff contention, and Derek Carr got benched for the rest of the season, leaving the door open for Jarrett Stidham to get some action at quarterback. The Chiefs likely won’t be pulling their starters before the game begins, as a win, this week could be what they need to clinch that top seed and secure the advantages that come with it, so they’ll want to be in control of the outcome of this game, which is all they can do. The last time these two teams met back in October, it was an absolute nail-biter. The Chiefs played from behind to ultimately clutch up for a one-point victory that left the Raiders devastated after having controlled the majority of the game. This week’s game could end up a lot like the last, as the Raiders do have the capability to hang with great teams and put up points, but at the same time, the Chiefs could put on a Mahomes/Kelce show that ends the game by the second quarter.

Vegas has the Chiefs set at about nine point favorites going into this game, which is a two-point increase from October’s matchup, where they were expected to win by seven. With divisional games like this, anything can happen, and most signs point to a game that resembles the last in which the Raiders will keep it tight but ultimately not be able to pull through. Despite all the talent they have on their squad, they’ve proven time and time again throughout the season that they’re just not quite there when it comes to closing out games in crunch time. And they’re going up against Patrick Mahomes, who is the NFL’s king of finding ways to win – regardless of whether or not he deserves it. Jarrett Stidham didn’t have the best start in last week’s matchup, but he did manage to put up three touchdowns and 365 yards, even with his two interceptions in a tight loss to the 49ers. Expect him to look better this week as he gets more comfortable in the starting spot, but don’t expect him to do anything crazy. It’ll be a tight game until it isn’t because with a lot riding on a Chiefs win, there’s no shot Mahomes will choke the chicken. It’ll be one final win on the Chiefs regular season record this week as they play the Raiders, so take the Chiefs to win and get $200 from BetMGM when a TD is scored.

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