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As the NFL season draws closer to its end, week seventeen gives us an NFC North Divisional game between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. The Lions are currently sitting at 7-8 at second in the division after a really tough game against the Carolina Panthers last week in which they struggled to get any big offense going and allowed Sam Darnold to have a career game and look like an absolute stud. That’s been the story of their season, though, and while they should be able to beat the bears, they’ve shown they can lose to squads like that. The Bears aren’t going to give up easily either. With a divisional game being played, they’re more familiar with Detroit than they were with the Eagles, who they kept up with for most of the game. Justin Fields is doing everything he can to get his team on the map, despite being 3-12. The Lions are at home, which is definitely an advantage, but this game will likely be a tight one. With playoff chances still possible for the Lions, this game is an essential one if they want to keep their hopes of a postseason berth alive. For the Bears, this game is all about dignity. The Lions have shown they’re a beatable team, and right now the Bears are hungry to prove that even with an awful record, they’re a team to watch out for in the coming seasons.

Luckily for Detroit, every team that they needed to lose in week sixteen did in fact crap the bed, and because of that, their playoff hopes are still alive. If they can manage two wins to end their season and the right teams continue to lose, they’ll be in the playoffs, and they’ll be a team that you really don’t want to end up seeing. When Goff is connecting to St. Brown and their run game gets going, it’s an offense that is incredibly difficult to prevent from scoring points. Their defense is always a bit shaky, but the Bears don’t have much outside of Justin Fields offensively. After playing the Bills last week, the Bears are definitely taking a drop down in opponent skill in the Lions, but there’s so much more on the line for Detroit. As long as turnovers are kept to a minimum – the Lions probably can’t afford any at all – and they make the most of their RedZone opportunities, Detroit should take this game even if Justin Fields plays great. With that said, though, there’s no doubt that Chicago won’t take a loss lying down. Expect a close game that both teams battle all the way through, but Take the Lions moneyline and get your free $200 when a TD is scored with BetMGM!

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