Bet $10 On Warriors v. Mavs And Get $200 When A 3 Pointer Is Made

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole, and until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets.

Claim this offer using BetMGM:

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  2. Deposit $10 or more into your account
  3. Finally, place a $10 bet on any spread, moneyline, or total on Warriors v. Mavericks and get $200 when a 3 is scored.

Game Analysis:

I had the Mavs winning this series *insert clown meme with my face photoshopped on it*. I thought this thing would go seven, and as happy as I am that a young Dallas team snuck a win in, you can tie a bow around this series. The Mavericks’ window is open, and if I know Mark Cuban from following basketball and crushing six seasons of Shark Tank when I had COVID, he’s going to go out and get Luka a bonafide co-star. No disrespect to Jalen Brunson or Spencer Dinwiddie, but this Mavs team could use a player that lives up to what Dallas fans THOUGHT Porzingis was going to be.

Now onto the Warriors; my heart doesn’t want them to win another ring because of my lingering disdain for the KD teams, but it’s happening. You simply cannot blow out this team. You can go to the bathroom to take a poop, and by the time you come back, they’ve put up twenty-two points (twenty-seven if you just had Chipotle). Winning a championship is a lot like the game Battlefield. Would the Warriors have maybe not matched up well against some of the eliminated teams? Yes. But do they match up well against everyone who is left? Yes. Take Golden State to win tonight. The Mavericks are Christopher Moltasanti sitting in the driver’s seat, and Golden State is about to close their nose. 

Regardless of what happens, take this offer, bet $10 and get $200 back when a 3 is scored!

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